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Office of Human Resources

Employee & Recruitment Services


  • Purpose:

    The Questionnaire provides a snapshot of the job duties compared to policy requirements. This determines if a check is needed and what level check is required.

  • Required for all appointments:
    • Advertised job postings: to review the position duties and determine the background check requirements before posting the job advertisement.
    • Unadvertised appointments: (Salaried, OPS, Volunteers, Courtesy) including additional appointments and rehires, to determine the background check requirements for the duties of that specific appointment.
    • Internal movement actions including: promotions, laterals, demotions, reassignments, transfers, changes in assignment, and movement from one workgroup to another (e.g., OPS to A&P/USPS/FACULTY, A&P/USPS to Faculty, Faculty to USPS/A&P, etc.)
  • Complete the Questionnaire within the Criminal History Background Check Forms Portal.
    • The Questionnaire is automatically emailed to the Department Representative and position supervisor. Upon review and approval, the position supervisor should sign the Questionnaire and scan it to If the position is advertised, the department's assigned HR Recruiter will ensure the correct level of background check is specified in the job posting.
  • "Specialized" Questions:
    1. "Is this job/role located in the FSU Childcare Center?"
      • Select "Yes" only if the position/candidate will work in the FSU Childcare Center.
    2. "Does this job/role require a specific screen to be performed for which approved external agencies complete screenings? (DRS positions, positions within a K-12 school system, etc.)"
      • Select "Yes" only if candidates for this position require external screening due to the location of their work (working in a Leon County K-12 School and require the Leon County background check). The external background check may satisfy FSU's background check policies and negate the need for a new background check.
    3. "Is the hiring department for this job/role required to perform a specific background check following University approved practices due to state/federal mandates?"
      • Select "Yes" only of the department has a pre-approved practice from the Office of Human Resources to have certain background checks run on all employees in the department. This practice would only be approved due to the department's environment associated with state/federal mandates.