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The GUIDE is an online tool that contains information on how to respond to instances involving possible employee misconduct. The GUIDE applies to all University Support Personnel System (USPS) employees of the University with regular status and Administrative and Professional (A&P) employees.

The disciplining of an employee is considered to be a very serious action that is undertaken with care, objectivity and full consideration for the rights and interests of both the employee and the University. Discipline should be administered in a judicious manner that assures equitable treatment for all employees included in the USPS and A&P pay plans.
If you need assistance with faculty issues, contact the Office of Faculty Development and Advancement at 644-6876.

The GUIDE Consultation will assist you in determining when disciplinary action may be appropriate. It is the policy of FSU that discipline should be administered to employees only when there is "just cause."

Probationary and OPS employees: USPS employees that have not achieved regular status in any class may be terminated at any time during their probationary period. The probationary period is a trial period of time to determine whether the employee should earn regular status in the class. Also, OPS employees do not attain regular status and may be terminated at any time without the right to appeal or grieve such action. For probationary and OPS employees, you should contact Employee/Labor Relations.

Important note: The GUIDE is not meant to replace the expertise of the Employee/Labor Relations professionals, and they should always be contacted to ensure appropriate and consistent disciplinary action is administered. No decision-making tool, such as the GUIDE, can replace the human thinking of experienced and trained professionals. The facts of cases always vary somewhat, which requires human thinking to discern sometimes subtle differences.

The GUIDE may not be copied or reproduced in any way without the written permission of the FSU Human Resources Department.
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