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GUIDE Consultation Instructions

Determine which offense describes the employee's misconduct from the list of offenses below and click that link. Then, you will answer a series of questions by clicking the answer that best describes the employee's situation to reach a suggested action. Remember, you may return to the GUIDE home, list of offenses or the previous page by clicking buttons located at the bottom of every page.

It is important to note that depending on the facts, more than one offense may apply to an incident. Consult the GUIDE for each offense that may apply. If more than one offense applies, the range of discipline for the primary charge should be utilized when determining the appropriate disciplinary action.


Absence Without Authorized Leave (AWOL)

  Assault or Fighting
  Chargeable Crash in a University Vehicle (Applicable to Sworn Law Enforcement Personnel Only)
  Conduct Unbecoming a Public Employee
  Conviction of a Crime
  Disruptive Conduct
  Drinking on the Job or Reporting to Work Under the Influence of Alcohol
  Excessive Absences
  Failure to Follow Instructions
  Falsification of Records
  Improper or Careless Use or Operation of State Property or Equipment
  Leaving Work Area or Duty Assignment Without Authorization
  Possession, Sale, Distribution of Alcoholic Beverages or Illegal Drugs (Controlled Substances)
  Reporting to Work Under the Influence of Illegal Drugs or Illegal Use of Drugs (Controlled Substances)
  Sexual Harassment
  Sleeping on Duty
  Strike or Concerted Activity
  Threatening or Abusive Language
  Unauthorized Solicitation
  Unauthorized Taking of Property
  Unauthorized Use of State Property, Equipment or Personnel
  Unsatisfactory Work Performance Including Continuing Inefficiency, Inability to Perform Assigned Duties and/or Substandard Performance of Assigned Duties
  Violation of a Provision of Law or University Rule or Policy
  Violation of Safety Practices

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