Community Relations

The Community Relations Subcommittee's charge is to focus on enhancing Florida State University's outreach efforts to exemplify the University's commitment to Diversity and Inclusion. FSU's outreach to, as well as partnerships with, the internal and external communities illustrate our responsiveness to an increasingly diverse world, and the value we place on inclusion.

FSU values the input of the greater community at large, and seeks to contribute back to the community in a meaningful way. Examples include:

Outreach Efforts for External Community

  • The Entrepreneurial Boot Camp for Veterans (EBV) Program
    EBV offers cutting edge, experiential training in entrepreneurship and small business management to soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines disabled as a result of their service supporting post-9/11 operations. The intent of the EBV is to open the door to entrepreneurial opportunity and small business ownership by developing competencies in the many steps and activities associated with creating and sustaining an entrepreneurial venture. This is also achieved by helping veterans coordinate their efforts with programs and services for veterans and others with disabilities.
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  • Supplier Diversity Program
    FSU Supplier Diversity Program (SDP) is designed to enhance our supplier base that reflects the wide diversity of our students, faculty, staff and community by expanding relationships and enriching economic opportunities.
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  • Seven Days of Opening Nights
    Seven Days of Opening Nights is a performing arts series, spotlighting FSU's commitment to the arts - music, theatre, dance, visual art, film and creative writing. Artists who perform as a part of the Seven Days of Opening Nights series not only entertain audiences; they educate students and the community at large.
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  • SciGirls Science Camp
    WFSU, in conjunction with the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory, hosts a nationally recognized SciGirls program. SciGirls is a two-week hands-on summer camp that inspires middle and high school girls in our community to pursue careers in science.
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Outreach Efforts for Internal Community

  • FSU Global Pathways Certificate Program
    This program exposes FSU Students to rich cultural learning experiences.
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  • New Opportunities for Leadership, Education and Service (N.O.L.E.S.) Program
    This program strives to establish a commitment of service to others as a foundation for a balanced student-athlete lifestyle.

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