Employee Ombuds Program
Employee Ombuds Program:
University administrators recognized a need to enhance dispute resolution options for employees and assigned this responsibility to the Human Resources Department. Its purpose is to assist employees with any matters or concerns that impact their employment at FSU.
What is an Ombudsperson?
The ombudsperson is an impartial dispute resolution practitioner who strives towards fair and equitable solutions according to university policies. The ombudsperson provides confidential and informal assistance. Therefore, the ombudsperson will not identify an employee or employee's confidences without express permission of the individual except where required by law. Also, conversations with the ombudsperson may not be used in grievance or other formal proceedings. The ombudsperson, who may act as a counselor, go-between, informal fact-finder or upward feedback provider, interacts with all persons within the University community essential to resolve issues and concerns.

***An Ombudsperson is not a substitute for legal counsel or representation.
When is it best to see an Ombudsperson?
  • If you need someone to listen or to help you through awkward situations on the job
  • If you wish to resolve your concerns or offer suggestions and data through an intermediary
  • When you are unsure of a policy or believe a policy has been unfairly applied
  • When you perceive retaliation applied towards you
  • If you want to examine options for handling particular matters or learn how to deal with issues directly
  • If you otherwise have a concern that no one seems to be able to resolve
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