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Office of Human Resources

FLSA Information for Employees

The federal government's legal changes to the FLSA will impact many employees at FSU. Our goal is to minimize the impact on employees and departments as much as possible. The University has developed an approach to implementing these changes that ensures employees are treated fairly and consistently across all campuses.

The materials provided here will help you get informed, understand what is changing, and know where to go with questions.

If you are becoming overtime eligible (nonexempt) as a result of the FLSA changes:

  1. You will earn overtime compensation (pay or compensatory leave) if you work over 40 hours in a single workweek.
    • This doesn't mean that overtime is guaranteed.
    • You must have overtime work approved in advance by your manager.
  2. Your regular rate of pay, benefits, retirement options, sick and annual leave accrual rates, and pay plan (A&P, Faculty, OPS, or USPS) will NOT change.
  3. You will need to report all hours worked on your timesheet.
    • Most nonexempt employees (including A&P nonexempt) will keep their default schedule in OMNI HR, but must adjust their total hours for the day if they vary from their normal schedule, in addition to reporting time off/leave use.
    • Nonexempt USPS and some OPS employees will move to "punch time" (recording ins/outs on the timesheet).

Talk to your manager about your department's overtime practices, including: how to request overtime approval, working outside your normal schedule (responding to texts, emails, or calls after hours or over lunch), and timekeeping requirements.


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