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Due to differences in personal computer security features, browsers, and operating systems, some applicants may experience technical difficulty with the online application system. We have outlined some of the more commonly reported issues and the typical solutions below. If you have attempted the solution and are still experiencing issues, please contact Human Resources-Employment at (850) 644-6034 or

Commonly Reported Issues:

Page Cannot be Displayed Error

Issue: While trying to apply for a job, I am being timed out of the system, "Page Cannot Be Found" is coming up, or I am continuously being looped back to the main page.
Solution: You may need to clear/delete the cache/cookies on your web browser. For more information on cache/cookies and detailed instructions on how to clear them per web browser, click here.

Timed Out after Using Back Arrow in Browser

Issue: After entering almost all of my information in the application, I hit the back arrow in my browser to make a change and the system timed me out, making me lose all of my information.
Solution: Unless you had clicked the Save for Later button before hitting the back arrow, unfortunately your information is gone and you will need to re-enter it. You must use the Return to Previous Page link or other links within the application itself instead of the back arrow in your browser. It is suggested that you click the Save for Later button frequently during the application process to avoid losing information, should you get timed out.

Page Freezes upon Clicking "Next" Button

Issue: After clicking the Next button at the bottom of the application, the last page did not load right away, so I clicked Next again and the page appears to be frozen now.
Solution: You only need to click the Next button once to advance to the last page of the application (Terms & Conditions page) where you can submit your application. Once you click Next, wait for the Terms & Conditions page to load (it may take a few minutes) before trying to click it again. If the page still will not load, please contact Human Resources-Employment for assistance.

Profile Page-What is a Postal Code?

Issue: I am a new applicant, and I'm being asked to fill in a Postal Code on the My Profile page. What does this mean?
Solution: Postal Code means zip code.

Magnifying Glass/Look-up Icon & Calendar Icon

Issue A: There is a magnifying glass/look-up icon next to the box I am trying to complete, and the system will not let me type in my information/the box turns red.
Solution A: If there is a magnifying glass next to a field and you are unable to type in that field, click on the magnifying glass and make your selection from the list that comes up. (You may notice these icons in the My Profile, Education, Licenses & Certifications, and Memberships sections of the application.)

Issue B: I am trying to enter my dates of employment in the Work Experience section of the application, and the box keeps turning red. The system won't let me continue.
Solution B: Type the dates in the start and end date boxes (as applicable) in the following format xx/xx/xxxx, or use the calendar icon to select the dates. You must enter or select the appropriate month, day, & year. (You may notice these icons on the Work Experience, Degree, Licenses & Certifications, Memberships, and Referral Source sections of the application.)

Application Timed Out

Issue: I was working on my application and stepped away from the computer. When I came back, the page had timed out & all of my information is gone.
Solution: For security purposes, the system automatically logs you off when it senses no activity for 60 minutes. Unless you had hit the Save for Later button before getting timed out, unfortunately your information is gone, and you will need to re-enter it. Avoid letting the system idle for long periods of time, and click the Save for Later button frequently during the application process to avoid losing information.

I Forgot my User Name and/or Password

Issue: I forgot my User Name and/or Password, so I can't get into my application. I don't want to have to create a brand new application.
Solution: Human Resources does not have access to an applicant's user name/password-only the applicant has that information. However, if you listed an email address when you created your application, you can try to obtain a new user name/password through the Login Help link found at the bottom of the main login page. After following the prompts, a new user name and/or password will be sent to you. Your password can then be changed once you log in under My Career Tools > Edit Profile. Please record your user name and password information for future use. Note: If you need a new login and password, you will first need to follow the prompts to retrieve your login, and then once your login has been emailed to you, return to the site and follow the prompts to have a new password emailed to you.

If you did not list an email address upon applying, or if you have created multiple accounts, call Human Resources-Employment and we can try adding/changing your email address in your most recent account so that you can complete the Login Help process.

If neither of these options work, you will need to register again and create a new application.

Error Messages when Uploading Resume/Additional Documents

Issue A: After I upload my resume, it takes me to a page that asks me to upload my resume again. Why am I seeing this screen again?
Solution A: Although the next page that comes up has the same look as the resume page, the second page is actually prompting you to attach additional documents (such as a cover letter, references, etc.) or proceed without additional attachments.

Issue B: I am trying to upload a resume or additional document, and I am receiving an error message that says my title is too long, contains unallowable characters, etc. I am not able to continue.
Solution B: Please try to shorten your document title (to less than 60 characters), and/or remove any spaces or unusual characters (spaces, hyphens, apostrophes, etc.) in the title and try uploading it again. If that does not work, call Human Resources-Employment for assistance.

Job not Linked to Application

Issue: I want to apply for a job, but when I'm in the application there is no job listed at the top of the application, there is no questionnaire at the bottom of the page, and there is no Next button at the bottom of the page (only a Save for Later button).
Solution: You need to select the job from the list again and click Apply Now. By doing so, the system should link your application to the job opening, and you can complete the application and submit it from there. If you are still experiencing issues, try clearing the cache/cookies on your web browser.