Telecommuting is one of the many benefits the University offers. It provides employees with the opportunity to perform their job at a location other than the office or usual place of work through the use of computers or other telecommunication devices. Telecommuting is intended to create flexible work arrangements that serve both the need of the employee and his or her work unit. Prior to submitting a Telecommuting Agreement to Human Resources, a position review should be conducted by the department to determine if the employee's position description is conducive to telecommuting.

All telecommuting requests will be considered on an individual basis upon receipt of a Telecommuting Agreement. Telecommuting is not an entitlement for any employee and agreements may be terminated at any time with written notice. Employees requesting to telecommute due to medical and/or parental leave must contact the FMLA Administrator and may be asked to provide medical documentation. If a child or dependent will be present during scheduled telecommuting hours, alternate arrangements must be made for their care. A statement describing the specifics of the child or dependent care arrangements must be submitted with the Telecommuting Agreement.

Before an employee may begin telecommuting, formal approval from the Vice President of the employee's division and Human Resources (HR) is required. Telecommuting without prior approval may result in disciplinary action.


For information pertaining to Telecommuting, contact Amber Wagner in Human Resources at (850) 645-1458.

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