Organizational & Team Development

Common Organizational Development Training Options

The Office of Training and Organizational Development offers consultation to departments looking for customized development opportunities. Our professional and organizational development courses provide opportunities for learning, collaborating, sharing ideas and more. Our learning experiences are organized around the foundational skills and knowledge needed to help your team reach its full potential. Contact us for information on scheduling a consultation to discuss options training for your department's retreat, team meeting, or lunch and learn.

Frontline Leadership Development Program

In addition to group Organizational Development training opportunities, Leadership Development programs are offered to employees at all levels. The Frontline Leadership Development Program is a skill training program designed for new supervisors, developing team leaders or front-line supervisors with a focus on team building, policies, procedures as well as legal and compliance issues that are specific to Florida State University.

The Advance Leadership Development Program

The Advanced Leadership Development Program is a training certificate program designed to foster growth and development of administrative and academic leaders and emerging leaders at Florida State University. The Program is designed to complement on-going campus efforts to improve succession planning and expand the pipeline of diverse and talented leaders who will continue to move the University toward its vision of achieving a University climate of inquiry, engagement, collegiality, diversity, and achievement. The cohort-based Program supports the development of leadership competencies at the individual (one's own), team (interpersonal), and organizational (system and cultural) levels.

Faculty Leadership Development Program

The FSU Faculty Leadership Development Program (LDP) is designed to offer leadership training to faculty across the university and at different stages of their professional journeys. The program is based in part on the philosophy that leadership development is an ongoing, never-ending process, and is important whether one is in a designated leadership "position" or not.   In addition to the LDP for Department Chairs, There are a variety of short courses for faculty members interested in leadership development available as well.

The Center for the Advancement of Teaching

The Center for the Advancement of Teaching seeks to recognize and cultivate learner-centered teaching throughout the university by providing support to faculty as they balance cutting-edge research with thoughtful teaching.

Additional course offerings can be found within the Training Course Catalog

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