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Benefits for Faculty and Staff

Tax Sheltered Annuity (403b)

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Florida State University offers all employees (A&P, Faculty, USPS and OPS) the opportunity to participate in tax-deferred annuities. This program offers employees the opportunity to save money for retirement while reducing their current income tax liability. Taxes on earnings and contributions are deferred until you receive them as income. Contributing to a tax-deferred annuity is voluntary. Contributions are made through payroll deduction and forwarded to a participating investment company.

AXA Brighthouse Financial Jefferson National Lincoln Investment Lincoln National
ReliaStar Symetra TIAA VALIC Voya Financial

How to Enroll:

  1. Contact the available company of your choice to sign a contract with the company
  2. Complete a Salary Reduction Agreement 403(b) form
  3. Submit forms to the Human Resources Benefits Office, by fax to (850) 645-9509

How to Change Your Contribution Amount:

  • If you are actively enrolled you can change your contribution amount online in OMNI employee self service
    1. Log on to OMNI self service
    2. Click on Benefits, then Benefits Summary
    3. Click on the Tax Sheltered Annuity under Type of Benefit that you are changing
    4. The effective date of the change is the current date. If you want to change that date (future date) then you must change it and click Go
    5. Click on Edit under Current Contributions and then change the dollar amount or percentage and save
    6. The effective date of the change is the date you make it
  • In order to stop contributions completely or restart contributions, you must submit a salary reduction agreement form with the desired contribution amount to Human Resources Benefits