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View a Position Description

Official University position descriptions for staff (USPS / A&P) positions are stored electronically in OMNI. Position descriptions updated prior to September 2010 are stored electronically in Nolij. An electronic copy of the file may not be available if the position description was last updated before 1996. If you do not find a position description in OMNI or Nolij, please contact your department's assigned Compensation Services Analyst.

Use the information below to access OMNI:

  1. Log on to OMNI
  2. Click the "HR" (Human Resources 9.2) link.
  3. Click the Manager Self Service link.
  4. Click on Learning and Development then Maintain Job Profiles.
  5. Enter the position number into the Position Data field.
  6. Click the Search button.
  7. Select the appropriate link to go into the position's profile. Please note that proposed profile information will not appear in profile. Only information that has been approved by Human Resources will populate in the position description.
  8. Click the View Profile as Printable Page button Printable Page. This will pull up the position profile information as a PDF document. The signature lines on the position description may be used to obtain the employee's signature or when a position update cannot be processed and approved through ePAF+.

Use the information below to access Nolij:

  1. Click here to access position descriptions
  2. In the "Position Number" field enter the 8 digit position number including the leading zeros to view all scanned documents for a particular position. For example: To view a position description for position #00061328, enter 00061328 in the search field.
  3. Select Find Documents.

Troubleshooting tips:

  • If pages automatically close or the imaged files do not appear, a pop-up blocking program may be interfering with Nolij. Turn off all pop-up blockers while using Nolij.
  • If you receive an error message while using Nolij you may not have the Sun Java Virtual Machine installed. This software must be installed for Nolij to work properly. Contact your department IT support staff.
  • Assistance regarding postion descriptions can be obtained by calling Compensation Services at 850-644-6034.