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Office of Human Resources

Employee Data Management

VIII. Remote Hire Process

Employees hired remotely who do not have access to an FSU Representative must follow FSU's Remote Hire Process regarding completion of their I-9. Remote Hires are defined as employees who do not physically work on or in proximity to an FSU Campus. In this circumstance, the potential employee must seek a local Notary Public to complete the Form I-9 on behalf of FSU. If a Notary Public cannot be found or those found are unwilling to complete the I-9, contact the I-9 Administrator in HR.

The paperwork for Remote Hires must be completed quickly in order to ensure timely processing of their appointment as the distance factor for Remote Hires slows down processing more so than regular, on-campus new hires. The Form I-9 especially must be completed quickly as it must be submitted to E-Verify within 3 days of their Hire Date (first day of work for pay). Upon completion of the Form I-9 and Remote Hire Authorized Agent Form, fax the forms directly to the I-9 Administrator in HR. Send the New Hire Wizard Packet, link to the Form I-9, and the Remote Hire Authorized Agent Form (with the Department Information pre-filled) to the employee immediately once a Job Offer has been accepted. Impress upon the employee the importance of completing the Form I-9 as soon as possible.

Remote Hire Authorized Agent Form

(revised 04/11/17)

To properly complete an I-9, the original documents used in Section 2 must be presented to a company representative or appointed designee in order to prove the authenticity of those documents and fulfill the necessary requirements in completing the Form I-9. Upon examination of the provided documents, the representative or designee must sign Section 2 to certify the document and attest to the certification on the I-9.

Remote Hire Process

  • The hiring department completes their portion of the Remote Hire Authorized Agent Form for each new employee prior to sending it out.
  • The hiring department will send the new employee the Remote Hire Authorized Agent Form (with the Department Information pre-filled) and a link to the Form I-9.
  • New Employees must print both the Remote Hire Authorized Agent Form and all three pages of the Form I-9 before meeting with a Notary Public.
  • Both the Employee and Authorized Agent must read the I-9 Instructions and Remote Hire Authorized Agent Form before completing the I-9. If incomplete or incorrect, the original I-9 must be corrected or have a new I-9 completed. This will delay processing of their appointment.
  • Employee Completes Section 1 themselves.
  • Original and acceptable documents are presented to the authorized agent for examination and the necessary information in Section 2 of the I-9 is completed by the authorized agent.
  • Authorized Agent enters Date of Hire and Authorized Representative Information in Section 2 by signing, dating, entering their title as "Authorized Agent," and printing their name clearly.
  • Authorized Agent enters the Employer's information: Name: The Florida State University Address: 600 W. College Avenue, Tallahassee, FL 32306
  • Employee and/or Agent will Scan or Fax both forms immediately to the I-9 Administrator in HR and your department.
    • Scan: Drop-off a scanned copy online at with the "Sender" being the employee and the "Recipient" being Adline Norwood at and your department.
    • Fax #: 850-645-9506 Attn: Adline Norwood
  • Mail the original Form I-9 and Remote Hire Authorized Agent Form to the I-9 Administrator.
    • Attn: Adline Norwood
      Human Resources
      6200 A University Center
      Tallahassee, Florida 32306-2410

Notary Public designees should not notarize the I-9 or the Remote Hire Authorized Agent Form. They act only as representatives of FSU and not as notaries themselves. The notary stamp is not needed.