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Summer Camp Resources:

Unlike FSU's typical background checks, summer camp background checks are conducted and adjudicated by The Florida Department of Children and Families ("DCF") through a state-run, web-based system called the Care Provider Background Screening Clearinghouse ("Clearinghouse"), described in 435.12 of the Florida Statutes.

"Summer Camp," is defined as follows by Section 409.175 of the Florida Statutes:

"Summer 24-hour camp means recreational, educational, and other enrichment programs operated on a 24-hour basis during summer vacation for children who are 5 years of age on or before September 1 and older, that are not exclusively educational."

FSU was required to start using the "Clearinghouse" system for Summer Camp Background Checks in the summer of 2016.

Summer Camp Background Checks are conducted to ensure the safety and security of the minors attending camps, camp personnel, and others on campus.


Section 409.175 of the Florida Statutes requires employers to conduct Level 2 Background Checks (including fingerprinting) on all Summer Camp personnel (including owners, operators, employees, and volunteers) before they engage in camp work. The Office of Human Resources will vet all personnel to ensure the required screenings are completed


Most volunteers must receive background checks. Volunteers may be exempt from a Summer Camp Background Check only if:
  1. They are volunteering on an intermittent basis for less than 10 hours per month; AND
  2. They will not be considered responsible for any vulnerable population; AND
  3. Others designated as responsible for any vulnerable population who have been properly screened are always present and in direct line of sight; AND
  4. There is no possibility of the volunteer being alone with a vulnerable population under any circumstances.
    • Even if a volunteer meets these criteria, the Office of Human Resources will run a National Sex Offender Database Search before the volunteer may begin service. If there are unfavorable results, the volunteer will be disqualified from participation in the summer camp.

New Summer Camp Personnel

  • All new employee and volunteer candidates must have a Level 2 DCF Background Check completed through the Clearinghouse (including fingerprinting).
    • Cost:
      • $55 (fingerprinting on campus) or
      • $74 (out of town fingerprinting at a Fieldprint location)
    • Requirements: See "Initiating Summer Camp Background Checks" below.
  • Summer Camp Background Checks are valid only for camp employment. If a candidate is being considered for both a summer camp and non-summer camp role (both effective in the summer months), please consult with Human Resources on the appropriate background check requirements.

Rehires and Current Employees Screened in 2016

  • Those who had Summer Camp Background Checks in 2016 through the Clearinghouse only require an FBI Resubmission through their 2nd and 4th years.
    • Cost: $25
    • Required: No new documents required outside Background Check Questionnaire and Summer Camp Roster

Rehires and Current Employees Screened before 2016

  • Rehires screened before 2016 who are not in DCF's Clearinghouse must be rescreened and fingerprinted like new summer camp personnel.
  • Current employees who had a Level 2 DCF Summer Camp Background Check before the Clearinghouse (completed before 2016) do NOT need a new background check or FBI resubmission this summer unless:
    • They have had a 31-day break in service (terminated in OMNI HR), or a 90 day break in funding (unfunded) since the summer camp background check.
    • The summer camp check was 5 or more years ago (conducted 2012 or prior)
    • If any of the above criteria applies, a new Level 2 DCF Summer Camp Background Check through the Clearinghouse is required.

Year Working/ Volunteering

Pre-Employment Background Check Requirement under the Clearinghouse



New Level 2 DCF Summer Camp Background Check including fingerprinting.

For: New Candidates, Year 5 Candidates, or Rehires screened before 2016.

$55.00/Local or $74.00/Fieldprint

2 - 4

Once screened under the Clearinghouse, the current employee/volunteer or rehire needs to have the FBI portion of their background check re-run for an up-to-date Level 2 before each summer camp season. (No fingerprinting or additional forms are required.)



A new Level 2 DCF Summer Camp Background Check is required for all summer camp employees every 5 years.

$55.00/Local or


6 or More

Years 2 - 5 above repeat.

See above

* FDLE and the FBI set the fees associated with this cost. Rates are subject to change.


Important Reminders

  • Approval by Human Resources must be received before offers of employment/volunteer service
  • Summer Camp Background Checks can only be conducted within 60 days of Summer Camp employment.
  1. Complete Required forms and Dropbox to HR-ERS@FSU.EDU (do not email):
    1. Department Forms: for each camp
      1. The FSU Summer Camp Background Check Roster
        1. Complete both Camp Info and Roster Tabs
        2. Ensure the Budget Manager approves the budget information before submission
      2. One Blanket Criminal History Background Check Questionnaire for each camp referencing the camp Roster. Only one questionnaire for each camp!
    2. Candidate Forms: completed by the candidate/volunteer
      1. Candidates/Volunteers requiring a new Level 2 DCF Summer Camp Background Checks:
        1. The Clearinghouse Demographic Sheet
        2. The Clearinghouse Privacy Policy Acknowledgement Form
          1. The department should provide the candidate/volunteer the FDLE/FBI privacy policies (found within the form linked above) for their records.
          2. Keep the original Acknowledgement Form on file in your department.
        3. The Affidavit of Good Moral Character
          1. Notarized in the State of Florida.
          2. Do not submit to HR unless the candidate/volunteer signed the line indicating their record contains a disqualifying offense.
          3. Keep the original on file in your department.
      2. Candidates/Volunteers in years 2-4 within the Clearinghouse do not require any forms.
        1. Must still be included in the Camp Roster.
  2. HR reviews the Camp Rosters to determine the required action for each candidate and initiates new background checks, if required.
  3. Once initiated, HR will email fingerprinting instructions to the candidate/volunteer and department.
    1. The candidate must be fingerprinted within 30 days of initiation within the Clearinghouse.
  4. The candidate/volunteer will proceed with fingerprinting locally or using Fieldprint services.
  5. HR will advise the hiring department of the outcome.


See Fingerprinting Page for fingerprinting instructions and locations.


  • Fingerprinting can only be completed within 60 days of the Summer Camp employment.
  • Fingerprinting can only be completed after being instructed to proceed from Human Resources.
    • A candidate must be fingerprinted within 30 days of initiation.
  • Services are provided on a first-come, first-served basis. Please do not send large groups at the same time for printing; this will likely result in a much longer wait time for candidates.
  • Individuals MUST provide valid photo identification when being fingerprinted; photocopies are not accepted.
  • Candidates will be required to have their photo taken when they are fingerprinted.
  • Other

  • K-12 Public Florida School Teachers: Under Florida Statute 409.1757 summer camp candidates who are also K-12 Teachers in the Florida school system and have already received a Level 2 background check through their school system do not need an additional background check for summer camp if:
    • They have not had a 90-day break in service from their FL K-12 teaching job, AND
    • They submit a Memo verifying their Florida K-12 Public School background check for HR to review.
      • The Affidavit of Good Moral Character must be completed each year and the original retained by the hiring department for review.
      • The Clearinghouse Privacy Policy and Demographic forms are not required.
      • These candidates should still be included on the Camp Roster submitted to Human Resources.
  • Summer Camp Job Codes: A separate OPS Express pool specifically for camp applicants is posted each year. Departments hiring camp personnel must use the specified camp job codes [T017/A017 (Camp Counselor or Assistant-non-exempt) or T027/A027 (Camp Teaching or Coordinator-exempt)] in their job offers. A document outlining the use of the "T" versus "A" Job Code can be found HERE.