Training Opportunities

Employee Data Management is always willing to provide Department Representatives with one-on-one training and informational sessions as needed.

Training Classes Currently Being Offered:

Employee Data Management Processes
Reviews electronic & paper personnel action forms for non-faculty employees. Topics include: Appointment Actions, One-Time Pays, HR deadlines, I-9, and navigating within the OMNI HR/Payroll system. Course counts toward HR Department Representative Certificate.
Employing Foreign Nationals
Reviews the process of hiring foreign nationals for temporary appointments, including documents and paperwork required for the appointment; Glacier and Basic Tax Issues; and more. Course counts toward FSU International Certificate.
Form I-9, Guardian, E-Verify
This class offers an in-depth look at the I-9 Process including how to properly complete the I-9 Form, how to navigate the Guardian software, how to complete an E-Verify case, and how to approach an I-9 audit.

Use link below to the Continuous Improvement & Training registration page and schedule of classes: 
Continuous Improvement & Training