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Office of Human Resources

Benefits for Faculty and Staff

Florida State University Employee Discount Program Policy

It is the policy of The Florida State University to permit vendors to offer their products and services to The Florida State University faculty and staff at a discounted rate under the provisions of an Employee Discount Program ("EDP"). The EDP is free of charge to all The Florida State University employees. The purpose of EDP is to provide a network of information on special discount offers available to The Florida State University employees. This policy set forth the terms of the EDP for both, The Florida State University and participating vendors.

The following are guidelines for placement of discount offers on The Florida State University Human Resources Benefits web page:

  1. Competitive discount offers are subject to the approval of The Florida State University Benefits Office based on the following factors:
    • Discounts are unique and not generally offered to the public
    • A link can be provided from the Benefits Office site to the vendor's web site
    • Discount offer of at least 10%
  2. Vendor's participation in the EDP shall not constitute or create a contract or an agent relationship between the vendor, and the University for the provisions of any goods and service to the University. Additionally, a vendor's participation in the EDP does not modify the terms of any existing vendor contract for goods and services with the University.
  3. The University may discontinue the EDP at any time or prohibit a vendor from participating in the program or discontinue a vendor's participation or the vendor's ability to offer a particular product or service or discontinue without advance notice.
  4. Vendor's participation in EDP shall not constitute an endorsement by the University of the vendor or the products or services offered by the Vendor.
  5. Vendor will not use The Florida State University logos or seals or otherwise imply that participation in the EDP is an endorsement of the provider's product by The Florida State University.
  6. Inclusion of the product or service in the EDP shall not be interpreted as a guarantee by the University of the quality or performance of a product or service.
  7. Vendors shall require the employee to present a valid employee FSU identification card at the time of purchase of any qualifying product or service.
  8. Vendors shall not offer discounts to products or services such as cigarettes or other tobacco products, gambling services or venues, sexual services or adult entertainment, alcohol, tanning services or firearms.
  9. The University shall approve Vendor's web site link Vendor shall keep its web site information up to date if it uses a web site to communicate information to employees regarding prices, products, services, and dates discount is being offered.
  10. Vendor shall immediately notify the Benefits Office via telephone or e-mail regarding any discount items that have been discontinued or withdrawn.
  11. Vendor shall not solicit on campus or contact an employee in person, via email, telephone, person or by written materials during the employee's workday except as authorized by the Benefits Office in compliance with The Florida State University concerning solicitation of advertisement. The Benefits Office will not share any personal information provided with other companies or businesses.
  12. Vendor shall not disclaim knowledge of or responsibility for the authenticity or legality of their product or service.
  13. Vendor shall comply with applicable The Florida State University Rules and Regulations, The Florida State University guidelines and policies, and state law including any licensing or certification requirements applicable to the provisions of a particular service.
  14. Vendor of student loans may not participate in the EDP and offer any of its products or services.
  15. Application for participation as a vendor will be made on the approved Request to Participate in Employee Discount Program (EDP Request Form). Interested vendors must complete the Request Form describing their products or services, the proposed discount rate, and all other requested information.
  16. Once completed, the EDP Request Form is reviewed by the Benefits Office to determine compliance with provisions of the EDP policy.
  17. If the applicant's request is denied, the vendor will receive appropriate notification. All decisions of the Benefits Office are final. There are no appeal rights associated with the Employee Discount Program (EDP)
  18. If approved, the Benefits office will authorize the vendor's appropriate information including web site links to be displayed on The Florida State University Benefits web site.

For Assistance: Questions regarding the Seminole Savings Discount Program should be directed to Kacy Ellis via email at, or by phone at 850-645-2303.