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Employee & Labor Relations

Employee & Labor Relations (ELR) is committed to promoting a cohesive, effective, and high-performing workplace by providing guidance and assistance to non-faculty employees and managers in administering FSU policies and procedures, in support of the University's mission, vision, and strategic initiatives.

  • Negotiating, administering, and ensuring compliance with the provisions of the University's collective bargaining agreements.
  • Consulting with employees and management to help foster a positive and productive work environment.
  • Providing consistent and fair advice to management on performance management concernsĀ and the University's progressive disciplinary process.
  • Providing management with the information, tools and training necessary to deal with ELR matters.
  • Providing confidential assistance to employees with questions or concerns about work-related issues.
  • Supporting administrative processes including performance evaluations, disputes, grievances, and appeals.
  • Investigating and resolving employee-related complaints by providing conflict resolution options.


General Inquiries

Terri Adams

HR Representative

Courtney Gogan

HR Specialist

Julie Ritter

Senior HR specialist

Leia White

Associate Director, HR Satellite Offices

Tracey Pearson

Director, Employee & Labor Relations
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