FSU offers comprehensive retirement options to meet employee needs. Options include a defined benefit plan and two defined contribution plans sponsored by the State. We also offer voluntary pre-tax and roth (post-tax) 403(b) plans and the Florida Deferred Compensation Plan (457).  Coverage options are available through the Florida Retirement System (FRS), the Division of Retirement and through local and national vendors.

Retirement Plan Eligibility

  Executive Service Faculty A&P USPS OPS
FRS Investment Plan X X X X  
FRS Pension Plan X X X X  
State University System Optional Retirement Plan (SUSORP) X X X    
Voluntary Retirement Plans X X X X X
BENCOR/FICA Alternative Plan
(automatic enrollment)

Employer Sponsored Plans

Voluntary Retirement Plans

FICA Alternative Plan

Reemployed Retirees

Beneficiary Information

Retiree Insurance and Medicare

Retirement Planning Seminar

Beware of Unsolicited Communications

The Florida Retirement System (FRS), Optional Retirement Program (ORP), and our Voluntary 403(b) Savings Plan vendors will readily identify themselves if they call or email you.

  • If you receive any communication via email that is unsolicited, appears suspicious, or is not from the entities listed above, please feel free to utilize the “report junk” function in Outlook.
  • If you receive any unsolicited suspicious calls, please feel free to disregard or ignore them.

If you have general calls about vendor outreach, please forward your questions to Additionally, information regarding security is available on the ITS website.