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Office of Human Resources

Benefits for Faculty and Staff

Employee Tuition Scholarship Fund

Employee Tuition Scholarship Fund

In recognition of the value of an education, Florida State University provides the opportunity for the University's employees to take up to two courses or six hours of course work per academic term tuition-free. To be eligible, employees must be a full-time (1.0 FTE), salaried (AEX, A&P, Faculty and USPS) employee and, if currently enrolled, be in good academic standing. This program started in the Fall Term 2001 and is reassessed on an ongoing basis.

Guidelines and Application

Selected guidelines regarding the program are listed below. For complete details about the program, please refer to the guidelines and application above.

  • No more than one course can be taken during regular business hours. The time away from work must be made up within the same pay period.
  • The employee's supervisor and department head must approve all employee tuition scholarship applications.
  • Courses taken through this program do not have to directly relate to an employee's job at FSU. The University recognizes that all education enhances an employee's abilities.
  • The program applies to bachelors, masters and doctoral level courses, but it applies to regular courses only. Please see the official Guidelines and Application document for specific exclusions to this program.
  • Employees are able to enroll in classes during the regular registration period.
  • Healthcare Compliance:
    • IMMUNIZATIONS: Any student registering for classes at FSU in Tallahassee, regardless of the number of credit hours or whether the classes are in the classroom or on line, must complete the healthcare compliance packet. It can be found at on the forms page. It is the first form listed. Your ability to register for classes will be blocked until this requirement is met. This is a one-time requirement.
    • HEALTH INSURANCE: Full-time main campus students must show proof of health insurance. The system assumes you are a full-time student and will block your ability to register until you contact the health compliance office at 644-3608 to enter a credit hour under-load into the insurance database for you for each term you attend classes. Your ability to register for classes will be blocked until this requirement is met.
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • For specific questions, contact Kim Barber at 644-6127 or