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Office of Human Resources

Recruiting Enhancements

Over the Spring 2017 semester, several recruiting enhancements will be headed your way. Some of these enhancements will immediately improve your experience with recruiting and hiring. Others will pave the way for the creation of a paperless, electronic onboarding portal as part of our Smart Onboarding project.

Starting February 15, 2017, you will see the following changes to the Job Offer and GA Express process:

  • The Salary Market Analysis job code quartiles will automatically display on the Job Offer screen for salaried positions!

    Salary range information will be at your fingertips and will be viewable by all approvers in the process. This helps you quickly determine if the salary analysis and salary explanation form is required for the hire. (Continue to consult HR's Compensation section for job offers resulting in a lateral move.)

  • All Job Offers will require the Employee Class (*Empl Class) to be selected.

    * Enter "Probation" for the Empl. Class on USPS job offers for new hires or current employees moving into a USPS classification for which they have not previously completed a probationary period.

  • When creating a GA Express record, a valid email address is required (reference training guide).

Stay tuned as we roll out additional features to improve the way we work!

Questions? We hope these changes will be easy and painless, but if you have any questions contact April Smatt at or (850) 644-6035.