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Office of Human Resources

Compensation Services

Working Titles

Due to the broad range of jobs contained within the classification system and the generic nature of the classification titles, a department may wish to designate a working title for a position. A working title is a descriptive and informative designation that reflects the nature of the work being performed in a designated position or similar positions. Working titles should be distinct enough to differentiate the work being performed in a position and at the same time, consistent with similar positions performing the same work in other areas on campus.

The following guidelines should be followed when designating working titles:

  • Working titles should be consistent with others in higher education and at the University and will be approved by Compensation Services Services.
  • Working titles should be brief and communicate an immediate understanding of the job.
  • Working titles should not misrepresent the job and its authority or agency within the University. The use of "inflated" working titles can result in expectations that do not match the classification of the job.
  • Working titles should not conflict with an approved classification at the University.

Examples of working titles:

Classification Working Title
Director Director Labor Relations
Administrative Specialist Assistant to the Dean
Technology Specialist Security Administrator