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Office of Human Resources

Department Representative Meetings

October 16, 2013

Meeting Agenda

PowerPoint Presentation

Q&A Session

  • Note: These Questions & Answers have been modified somewhat to fit the online format.


  1. If we have employees who work with cash or have fiscal responsibilities without a level 2 background check, should we do them now?
    • In general, no, there is not a need to do a background check. If the employee has recently assumed new duties that would necessitate a background check, a check may be performed. Please work with Employee and Labor Relations prior to performing a background check on existing employees.

Employee Data Management:

  1. What happens if an I-9 is not completed before the first day an employee works.
    • The department would not be in compliance with I-9 regulations or E-Verify regulations. The appointment will not be processed without the I-9 being complete; it is the department's responsibility to ensure the I-9 is completed in a timely manner.
  2. Are we still required to print the I-9 Form for submission to EDM/recruiters along with new hire paperwork?
    • If the I-9 is completed in Guardian, no printouts are required and should not be made. Those who process appointments in HR have access to Guardian to see the completed I-9. Only primary I-9s should be kept (the I-9 in Guardian is the primary I-9), no copies of I-9s.
  3. If a person is a Courtesy faculty appointment (non-funded at FSU) but funded as a full-time faculty at FAMU and this faculty leaves FAMU will we have to complete a separation checklist for this person?
    • No Separation Checklist is needed for non-salaried employees. The Courtesy appointment should be terminated if no longer in use.


  1. Are there criteria as to who qualifies as a domestic partner?
    • We will have more detailed information coming in the near future on this plan.
  2. Are the fines for coverage given to the agency (FSU) or employee?
    • If the employee is eligible for coverage and goes to the 'exchange' and acquires coverage, then the fine is on FSU.
  3. Is the enrollment in the spouse program required?
    • No it is not, however the cost for family coverage is $180 per month and the spouse program is $15 per employee per month.
  4. If I have an OPS that is eligible, and is receiving coverage, what happens if they drop to less than 30 hours within that same year?
    • If the employee is eligible, and signs up for coverage, they may keep that coverage for 12 months following their enrollment as long as they are still employed. If they terminate, they will be offered COBRA.
  5. How do departments share the expense of the ACA if the OPS employee works in multiple departments?
    • We are working that out so that departments will share the cost based on the % for each department.
  6. You said that departments need to budget for 12 months for the ACA, and that the University would only be responsible for 12 months of coverage. Do OPS benefits expire? Why only the 12 months? I just need clarification since I thought I heard that departments only need to budget for 12 months and that benefits expire when the employee terms.
    • If the employee enrolls in health coverage, they are entitled to keep it for 12 months, whether their FTE goes down or not. IF they terminate from FSU, and are not working in another state agency, then the coverage will end and they will be offered COBRA. If they continue to work full time, they continue to keep the coverage for the next 12 months.
  7. When you referred to the last hiring agency being responsible for the premium, is this referring to outside employment.
    • It is only referring to their employment with an employer participating in the State Group Insurance with People First.
  8. If we hire part-time OPS who already have FRS membership (e.g., adjunct faculty who work for the State as a primary job), is there a way to not enroll them in Bencor?"
    • No. An OPS employee who has a salaried position at another State of Florida university or agency must participate in Bencor at FSU. (If the salaried position is here at FSU, the employee will be exempt from Bencor.)