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Office of Human Resources

Department Representative Meetings

November 5, 2014


Meeting Agenda
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Meeting Video
Department Representative Meeting 11/05/2014

Q&A Session
Note: These Questions & Answers have been modified somewhat to fit the online format.

Equal Opportunity & Compliance
Q: What are the time stipulations or instances to have a Telecommuting Agreement?
A: Employees are not authorized to telecommute until they have completed a Telecommuting Agreement and received approval from Human Resources. Each agreement is reviewed on a case-by-case basis. The University's Telecommuting Policy contains additional requirements for employees requesting to telecommute due to a medical reason or if they are providing care for a dependent. For additional information, please refer to the University's Telecommuting Policy located at
Q: Would a Telecommuting Agreement be required if an A&P employee requests and takes leave, but upon returning to work requests a leave adjustment stating that they worked from home for several hours?
A: The University's policy requires that all employees have an approved Telecommuting Agreement on file in Human Resources prior to any telecommuting taking place. Telecommuting without prior approval may result in disciplinary action.
Time & Labor
Q: When are excess annual leave retention requests due?
A: Retention requests will be accepted for staff employees and out-of-unit faculty. These requests should be filled out, fully approved, and submitted to our office no later than 12/12/14.
Q: Can some excess annual leave be retained if specific plans are made for use of the excess?
A: A request indicating a designated amount can be submitted to our office. Please include comments on the form detailing the intent to use excess and Human Resources will evaluate accordingly.
Q: When will Time Entry and Approvals occur for pay period ending 1/1/2015 "N"?
A: Since processes will be run over the Winter Break, we are going to ask departments to enter and approve time prior to leaving. An official announcement will go out via the Listserv, but we are looking at time entry being due either 12/22/14 or 12/23/14 and the approvals being due the next immediate day.
Q: Do DROP participants receive only one annual leave payout, either at the beginning or the end of their DROP period?
A: Not necessarily. DROP participants can opt for a leave payout upon entering DROP as well as upon final separation, but the combination of the two payouts cannot exceed the pay plan maximum. Therefore, if an employee has the appropriate balance and opts to receive a payout of the pay plan maximum upon entering DROP, they will not be eligible to receive any future payout. However, if an employee receives only a portion of the pay plan maximum upon entering DROP, they may later get paid out the difference assuming they have the appropriate balance. The same logic applies to employees that have previously worked for the University and received a prior annual leave payout.
Q: If a department is off campus, should they fax social security cards instead of scanning on a secured platform?
A: No, social security cards should not be faxed to our office. Please use the Electronic Forms Wizard for submitting Social Security Cards.