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Office of Human Resources

Equity Diversity & Inclusion

EEO Impact Statements

The Office of Equity Diversity and Inclusion verifies that requests for new degree programs, terminations of degree programs, limited access status for undergraduate degree programs and institutional reorganization will not have an adverse impact on diversity and equal opportunity. Reviews are conducted for feasibility studies and planning for a new degree program; implementation of a new degree program; modification and substantial expansion of a degree program requiring approval of the State Board of Education or State Board of Governors; establishing or modifying limited student access to all or part of a new or existing degree program; restructuring of an academic administrative unit, requiring State Board of Education or State Board of Governors approval; termination of any degree program, establishment of a new, permanent location for instruction and changing university polices related to rules concerning admissions, continuation, graduation requirements, or other actions which might adversely impact minority and female students.

Questions regarding the above may be directed to Renisha Gibbs, Director, Office of Equity Diversity and Inclusion at (850) 644-8082, or by mail at Florida State University Human Resources, 6200-University Center - Building A, Tallahassee, Florida 32306-2410.