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Office of Human Resources

Employee & Labor Relations

Operational Services Unit


In Unit Classes

All full time and part-time University Support Personnel System laborers, technicians, mechanics, operators, and service workers whose work involves fabrication, maintenance, and repair activities and/or the provision of personal and domestic services. Work is often performed outdoors and frequently involves heavy physical labor. The basic education and training is graduation from high school, with practical experience in the specific area of work, although some of the skilled workers or technicians may be required to have some type of advanced technical or vocational training.

CodeClass Title
2023IT Operations Support Assistant
2060 IT Support Assistant
2754 Museum Preparator
3723 AV Assistant
4600 Broadcast Technician
4609 Engineering Technician
5017 Laboratory Technician
6213 Food Service Worker
6310 Printing Equipment Operator
6321 Assistant Print Shop Manager
6366 Motor Vehicle Operator
6374 Maintenance Support Worker
6394 Groundskeeper
6405 Recreational/Educational Assistant
6466 General Trades Technician
6467 Building Trades Technician
6468 Mechanical Trades Technician
6469 Specialty Trades Technician
6514 Scientific Glassblower
6526 Custodial Worker
8200 Security Guard
8401 Campus Parking Patroller