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In Unit Classes

All full time and part-time University Support Personnel System employees occupying positions in classifications which meet the requirements of a "professional employee" as set forth in Section 447.203(13) (1985). Work is predominantly intellectual and varied, rather than routine and manual, and involves the constant exercise of discretion and judgment. The training and experience requirements for professional employees typically require that they must have pursued a course of study in a particular field and have acquired advanced knowledge in that field, and their job duties typically require that they be capable of applying this professional expertise in the

CodeClass Title
2033Technical Support Analyst
2035Network Technician
2056Help Desk Support Technician
2731Fine Arts Technician
2814Fine Arts Specialist
3732Communications and Public Affairs Associate
3757Media Technician
3783Publication/Graphics Artist
4245Student Union Activities Specialist
4264Student Financial Aid Officer
4274Enrollment Management Representative
4275Enrollment Management Officer
4601Broadcast Engineer
4611Broadcast Specialist
4613Technical/Research Designer
4691Facilities Engineer
5033Field Scientist
5045Laboratory Researcher
5083Teaching Laboratory Specialist
5121Medical Support Technician
5127Industrial Health & Safety Technician
5518Health and Human Services Support Assistant
5753Sign Language Interpreter
6582Information Technology Services Coordinator
7233Scientific and Research Technician
8724Industrial Safety and Health Officer