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Equal Opportunity & Compliance

EOC Glossary

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Terms and Conditions of Employment
  This phrase includes all aspects of the employment relationship between an employee and his or her employer including, but not limited to, application process, hire, compensation fringe benefits, leave policies, job placement, physical environment, work related rules, work assignments, training and education, opportunity to serve on committees and decision making bodies, opportunities for promotion, and maintenance of a nondiscriminatory working environment.
Two or More Races (Federal Race/Ethnicity Code)
  All persons having origins in two or more of the other race categories.

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Disparate Treatment
  A theory or category of employment discrimination. Disparate treatment discrimination may be found when a contractor treats an individual or group differently because of its race, color, religion, sex, national origin, handicap or veteran status. An intent to discriminate is a necessary element in this type of employment discrimination, and may be shown by direct evidence or inferentially by statistical, anecdotal and/or comparative evidence.