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Office of Human Resources

Equal Opportunity & Compliance

Search and Screening Guide

Consistent and non-discriminatory search and screening efforts are key to supporting the University's commitment to equal employment opportunity for applicants. The University fosters an environment that actively promotes equal employment opportunities and nondiscrimination for all applicants and provides this Search and Screening Guide (Guide) as a resource for individuals with hiring authority and responsibilities.

The Guide sets forth uniform procedures for hiring officials when creating search and screening committees and serves as a blueprint for search and screening committee members to use as part of their process for filling University vacancies. The Guide is intended to supplement University policies in order to ensure searches comply with federal affirmative action laws, as well as state and federal nondiscrimination laws.

Please note that this Guide should not be considered the sole source on how to conduct an employment search, but rather as a procedural aide to support hiring initiatives. Broad, inclusive searches are essential to achieving diversity and users of the Guide are encouraged to augment these procedures by other actions and resources that contribute to the effectiveness of the University's selection process and attraction of diverse candidates.