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Background Check Forms Portal

This Forms Portal is used to complete the background check forms listed below for personnel actions not tied to an OMNI-HR Job Offer such as promotions, laterals, demotions, reassignments, transfers, and changes in assignment via ePAF, Federal Work Study, Volunteer, and Courtesy personnel actions, or additional duties or compliance without a personnel action:

  • Advertised Background Check Questionnaire for Federal Work Study Job Openings
  • Unadvertised Background Check Questionnaire
    • Required for top candidates for all appointments, internal movement actions, additional duties, and compliance to determine if a background check is required for the position, and the appropriate level.
    • Not used for OMNI OPS/GA Express Hires - Questionnaire is completed within Express Job Offer
  • Unadvertised Background Check Questionnaire for Multiple Candidates (OPS, Graduate Assistants, Volunteers, and Courtesy Appointments only)
    • Used for multiple candidates with the same job code and job duties.
    • Avoids having to submit multiple questionnaires for every identical appointment.
    • Not used for OMNI OPS/GA Express Hires - Questionnaire is completed within Express Job Offer
  • Background Check Request Form
    • Required to initiate the background check on a specific employee if not hired using Smart Onboarding.

Upon completion inside the Forms Portal, all forms are automatically emailed to the Human Resources Background Check Team and the Human Resources Department Representative who completed the form(s). Position supervisors will receive copies of completed Questionnaires and Department Budget Managers will receive copies of completed Request Forms for their review and correction if needed.