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Office of Human Resources

All Forms - Alphabetized

Form Name Form Links Revised
E-Verify (English) Print   06/22/2017
E-Verify (Spanish) Print   06/22/2017
EEO & Affirmative Action Provisions Notice Print   06/14/2018
Employee Data Management Cover Sheet Fill   04/06/2018
Employee Dependent Scholarship Print   07/17/2018
Employee Discount Program Vendor Application Fill   01/19/2018
Employee Transfer Checklist Print   08/14/2017
Employee Tuition Scholarship Guidelines and Application Fill   12/02/2016
Employer Reference Check Form Fill   12/2004
Employment and Eligibility Verification I-9   ---
Employment Appointment Checklist - A&P Print  
Employment Appointment Checklist - A&P Fill   10/04/2017
Employment Appointment Checklist - OPS Fill   10/04/2017
Employment Appointment Checklist - USPS Fill   10/04/2017
Employment Appointment Checklist- Faculty Fill   10/04/2017
Employment Contract Faculty Adjunct Fill  
Employment Contract Faculty FSUS 10 Month Fill  
Employment Contract Faculty In-Unit Fill   10/16/2016
Employment Contract Faculty Out-Of-Unit Fill   10/19/2016
Employment Contract Faculty Summer Supplemental In-Unit Fill  
Employment Contract Faculty Summer Supplemental Out-of-unit Fill  
Employment Contracts - Executive Service Fill   06/17/2014
Employment Contracts - Out-of-Unit A&P - E&G Funded Fill   06/18/2014
Employment Contracts - Out-of-Unit A&P - Soft-Money Funded Fill   06/18/2014
Employment of Relatives (Nepotism) Policy Form Fill   01/24/2017
Enhanced Whistleblower Protection Print   08/14/2017
Equal Employment Opportunity Is the Law Print   ---
Equal Employment Opportunity Is the Law (Part 2 - supplemental) Print  
Equal Opportunity and Non-Discrimination Statement Print   06/14/2018
EthicsPoint Poster Print   ---
Example Oral Reprimand Print  
Example Written Reprimand Print  
Excess Annual Leave Retention Request Fill   10/29/2018
Exemption per FS119 Fill   05/05/2016
Exemption per FS119 Information Sheet Print   08/22/2018
Exit Survey Print 10/31/2014