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Advance Leadership Development Program Class Members

Congratulations to Members of the 2015-2016 Advance Leadership Development Program Class!

Twenty five current and emerging leaders at Florida State University completed the FSU Advance Leadership Development Program. The pilot program began October 2015 and concluded April 13, 2016. Participants each spent time learning from experts, engaging in classroom activities, and discussing leadership within the context of higher education and FSU.

Members of the 2015-2016 cohort class:

  • Farrukh Alvi, Mechanical Engineering
  • Maclain Benton, University Housing
  • Tom Block, FSU Foundation
  • Sherrell Cork, Business Services
  • Jeanne Curtin, FSU Foundation/College of Law
  • Christopher DeLisle, University Health Services
  • Brent Edington, Office of Commercialization
  • Chris Edrington, Center for Advanced Power Systems
  • Judd Enfinger, Controller's Office
  • Rose-May Frazier, Undergraduate Studies
  • Karen Gibson, Procurement Services
  • Patricia Golay, Undergraduate Studies
  • Beth Hodges, Office of Commercialization
  • Megan Hollis, Career Center
  • Rodney Johnson, University Communications
  • Yvonne Langdon-Maduekwe, University Counseling Center
  • Katie Perkins, Budget Office
  • Abby Queale, Office of Commercialization
  • Julie Ritter, Human Resources
  • Heather Scarboro, Career Center
  • Sue Shapiro, University Counseling Center
  • Daniel Sheets, University Housing
  • Heather Stitely, Center for Leadership and Social Change
  • Arianna Vargas, Center for Leadership and Social Change
  • Mark Vaughn, University Communications

Participants for the pilot Program were nominated by their respective Division Vice Presidents.   

Facilitators for the 2015-2016 program included Ms. Kathleen Daly, Associate Vice President, FSU Governmental Relations; Dr. Kathy Guthrie, Associate Professor, Educational Leadership and Policy Studies; Dr. Lynn Hogan, Director, FSU Critical Thinking Initiatives, Office of the Provost; Dr. Tamara Bertrand Jones, Assistant Professor, Educational Leadership and Policy Studies; Dr. Steve Mills, Associate Director, Center for Leadership and Social Change; Dr. Laura Osteen, Director, Center for Leadership and Social Change;

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