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Financial Representative Certificate Series

This certificate series is designed to offer basic understanding of FSU financial policies and procedures to any employee with financial roles or interest. The program will provide tools and resources related to financial responsibilities at Florida State University.

The Financial Representative Program requirements are:

  • Complete all required classes.
  • Complete an online (Canvas) post-test immediately following completion of each class if required.
  • Receive a minimum post-test score of 90% or above on each course post-test. If a minimum post-test score of 90% is not achieved, the participant will have three attempts to review their errors and retest.

Upon conclusion of the program, a certificate of completion may be requested. Participants must have their supervisor's approval to attend the classes if they occur during the employee's regular working hours. For additional program information, contact the Office of Training and Organizational Development at

Participants must complete the following courses to receive a certificate of completion.


  1. Introduction to University Accounting (BTFA01): This course targets users who are new to university accounting and/or OMNI Financials. Participants will gain an understanding of OMNI Financials and concepts such as Ledgers, Chartfields and Journal Entries. They will also be given a number of resources that are useful for employees in Financial & Accounting positions at FSU.
  2. Financial Reporting Tools (BTFA02): General Ledger Journal Processing and Reporting. This course will provide guidance on the various financial reporting tools available to University personnel. Participants will gain an understanding of how to obtain financial data from reports produced out of the OMNI GL Module, OMNI Reporting Tools and OBI as well as via Queries.
  3. General Ledger Reconciliation (BTFA03): This course is designed for OMNI users responsible for reconciling departmental ledgers. Reconciliation objectives, guidelines and a detailed walk through of the reconciliation process will be covered. Guidance on the reconciliation process will include a review of the use of OMNI and OBI reports, instructions on how to locate the most common source documents and a review of how to correct errors that are discovered.
  4. Travel Expense & T-Card for Representatives & Approvers (BTTE03): This course trains travel representatives, Travel Card holders and approvers in the fundamentals of travel & expenses and the travel card in the OMNI system. Participants will gain an understanding of travel & Travel card policy and OMNI concepts such as: creating & submitting travel authorizations, cash advances, processing expense reports for travel reimbursements & Travel Card purchases. They will also learn how to budget check and approve/deny submitted documents.
  5. Procurement Policies (BTPUR2):This online class outlines the fundamentals of the procurement process at FSU and helps departmental personnel understand their role in that process through an interactive, scenario-based structure. It covers common pitfalls, threshold limits when competition is required, types of solicitations and provides a brief overview of P-Card. The course is designed to provide a basic overview for new employees as well as act as a refresher for all others. departmental personnel understand their role in that process. It covers writing specifications, limits when competition is required, types of solicitations and provides a brief overview of the FSU EMarket and P-Card.
  6. Property Training (BTPT02): This course is designed for departmental Property Managers, Property Custodians, or departmental financial representatives seeking credit towards the Financial Representative Training Certificate. Property definitions and accounting, policies, procedures, and responsibilities will be covered. Forms, queries and resources will also be provided.
    Note: BTPT01 is temporarily being accepted towards the Financial Representative Certificate until further notice.
  7. SRA Project Management (ESP07): This online course will provide you with the basic tools needed to effectively manage Sponsored Project expenses. This includes looking up available balances by project/ department, helpful pages in OMNI Financials and Business Intelligence, and understanding what SRA and FSURF are reviewing to confirm compliance and allowability for Sponsored Project expenditures. To enroll in this course:
  8. Internal Controls and Fraud (COIC01): Learn what it takes to establish and maintain a sound system of checks & balances in your workplace, so that fraud and other forms of unethical behaviors are less likely to occur. This class is especially helpful for those offices that deal with fiscal matters.
  9. Understanding Internal Billing (BTUIB1): This course targets users from buying departments who order goods from internal auxiliaries, or users who are new to OMNI Financials. Participants will gain an understanding of internal billing processes from the perspective of the buying department. Topics covered range from understanding how to create internal purchase orders to researching invoice and payment data via queries and reports. Primarily geared towards PO requesters, budget managers, and staff responsible for processing financial transactions.

To Register for a Training Session:

To register: > HR > Main Menu > Self Service > Learning and Development > Request Training > Enrollment > Follow the prompts to search and submit your request.

Questions or information: or 850.644.8724. To view the course description, click the icon.