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Frontline Leadership Program

The Frontline Leadership Program is a skill training program designed for new supervisors, developing team leaders or front-line supervisors with a focus on team building, policies, procedures as well as legal and compliance issues that are specific to Florida State University.

The objectives are:
  • Understand the role and responsibilities of a frontline leader.
  • Successfully transition to a leadership role and build credibility.
  • Learn and apply key policies and procedures that are specific to Florida State University.
  • Demonstrate ability to adhere to legal and compliance requirements.
  • Build techniques for enhancing team performance and identify behaviors that build strong relationships and expand influence.
  • Understand approaches to managing change and encouraging innovation.
The Frontline Leadership Certificate Program requirements are:
  • Complete the online program orientation session prior to beginning coursework.
  • Complete the online program content pre-test found in the online orientation, to determine current knowledge.
  • Complete the remaining 12 classes within 1 year of the orientation date.
  • Complete an online post-test within 14 days of completing each class. (Participants may reserve a time to test at the Training Center if they do not have access to a computer.)
  • Receive a minimum post-test score of 80% or above on each course post-test. If a minimum post-test score of 80% is not achieved, the participant will have the opportunity to review their errors and retest.
Upon conclusion of the program, a certificate of completion is given to each participant. Participants must have their supervisor's approval to attend the classes if they occur during the employee's regular working hours. For additional program information, contact the Office of Training and Organizational Development at 644-8724 or


1. Frontline Leadership Orientation: Introduction to the program, instructions, materials and a 50 question pre-test. (LSFLL1)(Available Online Only)

2. EEO: Avoiding Minefields in Employment Practices: Examines issues related to Equal Employment Opportunity Law at the Federal, State, and University Policy level. Participants will gain an understanding of anti-discrimination law and discuss guidelines on how to recognize and avoid discriminatory behaviors at work. (Onsite COEE01)

3. ADA: Understanding the Americans with Disabilities Act: Learn how to navigate through the minefields of employment law by examining issues related to Disability Law at the Federal, State, and University Policy level. Participants will gain an understanding of the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act and what constitutes discrimination against a person with a disability. (Onsite COADA2) (Online COADAO)

4. EAP for Supervisors: You will learn: how to recognize early signs of trouble in an employee's performance; how to have a constructive interview with a troubled employee; how to work with the employee on performance issues, while encouraging them to get help with personal problems; how the EAP protects client confidentiality. (LSEAP1)

5. Family Medical Leave Act of 1993: Gives an overview of the FMLA of 1993, which includes policies and procedures on how to manage employees who are on FMLA leave. (Onsite COFML1) (Online COFMLO)

6. Fundamentals of Discipline & Collective Bargaining Contract Administration: Focuses on the supervisor's role in disciplining employees, a review of procedures/ guidelines, as well as the collective bargaining agreements at FSU. (Onsite LSFD01) (Online LSFDO)

7. Internal Controls and Fraud: Learn what it takes to establish and maintain a sound system of checks & balances in your workplace, so that fraud and other forms of unethical behaviors are less likely to occur. This class is especially helpful for those offices that deal with fiscal matters. (COIC01)

8. Finding the Right Candidate: Focuses on effective interviewing skills and techniques needed in selecting the best candidate for a position at FSU. This course replaces the former Interview Techniques Training Course. (Onsite LSIT01)

9. Leadership & Change: This course explores the nature of change and transition, and how it relates to leadership. Strategies to understand and effectively facilitate change will also be discussed. (LSLC01)

10. Performance Management Training: Provides supervisors with an overview of the performance management process; this includes a review of University performance evaluation policies and procedures, and addresses dealing with employee performance issues. (Onsite LSPET1) (Online LSPETO)

11. What You Need To Know: Sexual Misconduct Training for Supervisors: Discusses the responsibilities of supervisors with regards to possible sexual misconduct issues. Includes an in-depth look at the complexities associated with sexual harassment. (Onsite LSSHS1)

12. Team Dynamics: Discusses how supervisors can improve team performance by learning more about their own personal styles and how to effectively interact with their team to improve the workplace environment. (LSTD01)

13. Workplace Accidents, Prevention & Management: Addresses workplace safety in preventing accidents, procedures to follow during and after an incident, responsibilities of the supervisor and the employee, worker's compensation and more. (COWA01)

Tests: Twelve (12) content specific post-tests must be completed with a minimum score of 80%. Complete an online post-test within 14 days of completing each class. (Participants may reserve a time to test at the Training Center if access to a computer is not available. Contact: or 850-644-8724)

To register for the Frontline Leadership Program, you must first sign up for the Frontline Leadership Orientation. For the Training Schedule and Registration Instructions, visit