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Global Partners

The Global Partner Certificate is a Center for Global Engagement Initiative that began in the Fall of 2010. It is designed for staff, faculty, or FSU graduate students who are committed to understanding and appreciating cultures and who are interested in learning how to better assist international students and scholars at FSU. The Certificate requires participation in four required Bridging Cultures for Service Excellence workshop, plus 3 additional intercultural events, programs, or activities. It is most efficient to compete all 4 sessions within a semester, however, you may complete all sessions within 1 year in the following order: Bridging Cultures 1 and 2 during one semester, and Bridging Cultures 3 and 4 during the following semester. Each type of program or activity may only be counted once.

Course Requirement

Session 1: Bridging Cultures I- Introduction to Intercultural Communication (CSBC01)

This workshop will provide participants with the fundamentals of effective intercultural communication skills. The workshop helps participants develop an awareness of their own cultural identity and recognize intercultural diversity at FSU. (Also counts toward HR Customer Service Certificate)

Session 2: Bridging Cultures II- Cross-Cultural Encounters (with IES) (CSBC02)

This session will emphasize real-life cross-cultural situations and engage participants in a variety of simulation activities. Participants will also complete a self-assessment Intercultural Effectiveness Scale (IES) and learn how to develop strategies for more effective cross-cultural engagement. (Prerequisite: Bridging Cultures I)

Session 3: Bridging Cultures III - Managing Intercultural Conflict (CSMIC1)

This workshop introduces participants to various styles of intercultural conflict management and negotiation processes. Participants will learn how to assess their cultural management style in order to be more effective when managing conflicts across cultures. (Prerequisites: Bridging Cultures II)

Session 4: Bridging Cultures IV - Developing Global Competence & Lessons Learned (CSDGC1)

This session will address the process of becoming more globally competent through the 6 stage developing intercultural sensitivity process. Participants will share their experiences and lessons learned from their ongoing cross-cultural engagement and training. (Prerequisites: Bridging Cultures I, Bridging Cultures II, Managing Intercultural Conflict)

Registration is required for the above course sessions via OMNI HR. To register, log into myFSU and navigate to: HR > Main Menu > Self Service > Learning and Development > Request Training Enrollment >. Follow the prompts to search and submit your request. To cancel enrollment, contact the Office of Training & Organizational Development at

Intercultural Events Requirement

Please visit for more information about how to satisfy this portion of the certificate requirement.