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Office of Human Resources

Training & Organizational Development

HR Department Representative Certificate Series

This certificate series consists of an inclusive set of training courses designed to help those serving as Human Resource Representatives at FSU learn key information and develop skills needed to be successful.

Participants must complete the following courses in order to receive a certificate of completion.


  1. Attendance and Leave Policies and Procedures (COAL01 or COALO): Provides in-depth knowledge of the attendance & leave policies and procedures at Florida State University. Utilizing an open lecture method of communication, attendees will be encouraged to share their experiences and question the proper way to handle individual situations regarding time entry. Topics include, work and leave rules at FSU, the differences in employee classifications for leave purposes, leave accruals and the proper ways to report leave, available leave types, and roles and responsibilities in the termination process. An overview of Faculty leave is included in this class.
  2. Criminal History Check Process (COCHB1 or COCHBO): Provides an overview of when a background check is required, how to request a background check, the background check review process, and associated statutes. This course is highly recommended for both department representatives and hiring managers.
  3. eTime for Department Reps and Supervisors (BTTL01): Focuses on training end users and how to successfully use OMNI Manager Self-Service for Attendance & Leave. Participants will learn how to report time for weekly elapsed and punch time and manage exceptions (errors), approvals, and payable time. This course also shows participants how to create a Parature ticket and how to access and use the reports in OBIE.
  4. Family Medical Act of 1993 (COFML1 or COFMLO): Provides an overview of the FMLA of 1993 and strategies on how to manage employees who are on FMLA leave. This course also counts toward the Frontline Leadership Program Certificates.
  5. Search Committee Training - Complete one of the following online training modules as appropriate to your position:

    Staff Search Committee Training: Provides those selected to serve on Staff Search Committees with guidance on recruitment,interviewing and compliance issues as well as a toolkit of easy access links to useful forms, documents and other resources to ensure excellence and consistency throughout the screening and hiring process. To enroll in training, go to
    Faculty Search Committee: Provides those selected to serve on Faculty Search Committees with guidance on recruitment, interviewing and compliance issues as well as a toolkit of easy access links to useful forms, documents and other resources to ensure excellence and consistency throughout the screening and hiring process. To enroll in training, go to
    Replaces former course: Finding the Right Candidate

  6. Form I-9, Guardian and E-Verify (COI92): An in-depth look at the I-9 Process including how to properly complete the I-9 Form, how to navigate the Guardian software, how to complete an E-Verify case, and how to approach an I-9Audit.
  7. OMNI e-Recruit (BTREC1): Trains HR representatives how to successfully manage and administer the OMNI recruiting module for faculty, staff and OPS. Participants will create, manage and approve job openings.
  8. Records Management (CORMT1): Provides an overview of laws and regulations regarding the identification, maintenance, access, and retention of public records (including electronic records management) to ensure FSU's records management program is in compliance with Florida's Public Records Law. This course is highly recommended for individuals who are responsible for managing and maintaining records, including, but not limited to: Records Management Liaison Officers, HR Department Representatives, Financial Department Representatives, Administrative Staff, Office Managers, and IT Professionals.
  9. Smart Onboarding (BTSMT1 or BTSMT0): Learn how to work smarter with the FSU Onboarding Portal. The comprehensive, electronic onboarding portal streamlines the completion of new hire paperwork and other pre-employment requirements like background checks. Many manual processes and paper forms have been eliminated as offline processes have been integrated into the system. The portal allows coordination and communication between departments, candidates and HR. Incoming employees will experience a great first impression of FSU.

For the Training Schedule and Registration Instructions, visit For additional program information or questions, contact the Office of Training and Organizational Development at or (850) 644-8724.