2022-2023 Faculty Employment Contracts


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Faculty employment contracts for the 2022-2023 academic year are now available to generate in OMNI HR, upon the completion of your fall faculty appointments. Step-by-step instructions on generating faculty contracts in OMNI HR can be found on the HR website. New and renewed contracts for the 2022-2023 academic year must be completed by August 31, 2022.  An overview of the faculty contract process and additional general reminders are available on the HR Faculty Relations website.

General Process

  • Faculty contracts are generated online, reviewed by the generator for accuracy, then submitted to be approved and acknowledged electronically via workflow in OMNI HR. 
  • Once approved by the appropriate Dean, Director, or Department Head (DDDH), the contract will automatically route to the faculty member for approval. 
  • Email notifications are sent when the contract is ready for the DDDH’s or faculty member’s review. 
  • Faculty members electronically sign their contracts in OMNI HR.
  • Contracts will automatically populate to the faculty member’s personnel file once they are fully approved and signed electronically.


  • If necessary, you may print a contract manually by using the In-Unit or Out-if-Unit faculty contracts posted online.
  • As always, review faculty contracts carefully for accuracy. If a contract contains inaccurate information, there is probably an error in the faculty member’s OMNI HR records.  Please submit the appropriate paperwork to correct any errors before submitting the contract for electronic approval.
  • Specialized faculty on four-year, multi-year appointments (MYAs) are only provided new/extended contracts every other year. However, if the faculty member receives any pay increases, an updated contract will need to be generated in alternate years (the beginning of years two and four). Use the ad hoc process to generate an updated contract, but only do this after the increases are implemented. Make sure the salary increases are entered in OMNI HR before you generate the updated contract. OMNI HR will only generate the remaining three years on the four-year MYA in year two.
  • For specialized faculty members appointed at a Level II or Level III in a time-limited appointment or visiting status, a manual contract reflecting the appointment dates rather than an MYA is most appropriate.

Questions?  Contact Adam Donaldson at adonaldson@fsu.edu.

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