2024 Summer Camps & DCF Background Checks

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2024 Summer Camp Background Checks

The 2024 Summer Camp season is approaching, and preparations must be made soon. Summer Camp background checks are conducted and adjudicated by The Florida Department of Children and Families (DCF) through the Care Provider Background Screening Clearinghouse as mandated by Florida Statute 409.175. All new and returning summer camp personnel (owners, operators, administrative staff, employees, and volunteers) who provide care to minors must be screened and determined eligible by DCF via a Level 2 Fingerprint-based Background Check prior to working, training, or volunteering for the camp. 

All FSU-Sponsored Summer Camps and Camps held on FSU campuses must comply with DCF Background Screening requirements. If made aware of Summer Camps utilizing FSU facilities, or if external campers may interact with FSU personnel, please contact Andrew Kapec in HR for best practices and next steps.

Summer Camps held virtually still require a background check due to the live virtual interaction. Please coordinate with the HR Background Check Team to submit the Summer Camp Roster appropriately.

The Summer Camp Page on the Background Check Website provides a detailed guide on initiating Summer Camp Background Checks, including forms, exemptions, and timelines to process efficiently. All Summer Camp Candidate DCF Clearinghouse Forms have been updated. Please replace all previously saved versions with the 2024 versions.

Required Summer Camp documents must be submitted to The Office of Human Resources Background Check Team via FSU Nifty to hr-ers@fsu.edu no later than 30 days before the anticipated start dates to ensure the timely processing of DCF Summer Camp Background Checks.

If hiring camp counselors or staff as OPS employees, please visit the HR Employee Data Management Website and review the OPS Employment Checklist to ensure your employees are hired and paid in a timely manner.

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Questions? Contact Andrew Kapec at (850) 644-7938 or akapec@fsu.edu.

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