Compensatory Leave Payouts

Department Representatives

This message has been approved by Christine Conley, Director of Benefits & Leave, for distribution to all Department Representatives.

Any unused compensatory leave earned through December 8, 2022, will be paid out on paychecks issued December 16, 2022. Employees wishing to retain their compensatory leave may submit a Request to Retain Compensatory Leave Form by December 2, 2022.

Per FSU policy, supervisors may require employees to use their compensatory leave rather than having it paid out or carried forward, as long as this usage requirement does not violate any applicable collective bargaining agreement provisions. Compensatory leave hours may only be earned or used with prior supervisory approval. 

When employees use leave for purposes other than qualifying sick events, compensatory leave must be used first, instead of vacation leave, to reduce the cost of the compensatory leave payout. Departments may use the FSU_TL_VACHT_W_COMP_BAL query in OMNI HR each pay period to identify employees using vacation leave while maintaining a compensatory leave balance. Time entry should be corrected to use compensatory leave instead of vacation leave.

OMNI HR Queries

Departments can use the queries listed below to identify employees with compensatory leave.

Queries by Department (require DEPTID to run)


Shows compensatory leave balances by department (straight-time and overtime).


Shows a history of straight-time and overtime compensatory leave earned, used, and paid out by Department ID within a given date range. 

12/10/2021 - 12/08/2022, are the dates for the current payout period, unless compensatory leave was retained by an employee from a previous payout period. 


Queries by Employee (require EMPLID to run)


Shows a complete OMNI HR history of all compensatory leave earned and used for an employee with their balances (straight-time and overtime).


Note: The “Sum Quantity” is the total of the hours entered on timesheets. The queries only include payable time. If compensatory leave used is not approved and has not been processed, the hours will not be on the query.


Requests to “Carry Forward” Unused Compensatory Leave

Compensatory leave may be retained rather than paid out. Employees may request to retain their unused compensatory leave as follows:

  1. Submit the Request to Retain Compensatory Leave Form to their supervisor and Dean, Director, or Department Head.
  2. Once approved by the department, all retention request forms must be forwarded to Human Resources for review and final approval by the Associate Vice President for Human Resources. Send completed forms to Attendance and Leave at
  3. Deadline: Request to Retain Compensatory Leave Retention Forms must be received in Human Resources by December 2, 2022

If the employee’s compensatory leave balance on December 8, 2022, is less than one hour, it will be paid out and CANNOT be carried forward.


Questions? Contact Tyler Beasley at or at (850) 644-9641.

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