Fall Appointment Reminders

Message to department representatives

This message has been approved by Shelley Lopez, Program Director, Communications/Special Projects, for distribution to all Department Representatives.

As we approach the fall semester, we have a few important reminders to share with you.

Graduate Assistant Appointments:

  • Details on all recent changes to the FSU/BOT UFF-FSU-GAU Bargaining Agreement can be found on the HR website.
  • All appointments must have a minimum appointment period of at least five (5) business days before the first day of classes through the last day of finals as outlined in the academic calendar.
  • Appointments for teaching assignments that require grading duties must continue through the grade submission deadline. Where practicable, graduate assistants appointed in both the Fall 2022 and Spring 2023 semesters should have a continuous appointment between semesters without a break in funding.
  • Effective August 8, 2022, the minimum hourly rate for all GA appointments is $20.83 per hour.
  • Effective September 16, 2022, each eligible graduate assistant will receive a 1.0% increase in pay, calculated on the base annual salary.
  • Effective September 30, 2022, each eligible graduate assistant will receive a one-time, nonrecurring 1% bonus, calculated on the base annual salary. Fall 2022 bonuses will be reflected in the October 21, 2022, paycheck.
  • Graduate assistants must be employed by FSU and be in active payroll status on the effective date of the increase and bonus to be eligible.
  • Departments with questions or concerns regarding the increase or bonus due to lack of funding should contact Rebecca Peterson (rpeterson@fsu.edu) in the Office of Human Resources, in writing, by September 1, 2022.

Updated FICA Exemption Policy:

  • FSU’s definition of full-time employment for purposes of the student FICA exemption has changed from 1 FTE to .75 FTE.
    • In the summer, a student employee with a combined FTE of >=.76 was considered a full-time employee and subject to FICA as of the pay period ending May 12, 2022.
    • In the fall semester, a student employee with a combined FTE of >=.75 will be considered a full-time employee and will be subject to FICA effective with PPE on September 1, 2022.
    • The combined FTE includes all appointments with funding.

Foreign Screening Requirements:

Additional screening steps may be required if your department is considering a non-U.S. candidate or a U.S. person affiliated with a foreign country of concern. 


  • Steps for State Screening required by Florida Statute 1010.35:
    1. IDENTIFY WHETHER THE POSITION IS SUBJECT TO SCREENING: Positions with the job codes outlined in the attached document are considered “research or research-related support positions.” Candidates for hire for these positions, as identified in Step #2, must go through the state screening process.
    2. IDENTIFY WHETHER ANY CANDIDATES ARE SUBJECT TO SCREENING: Screening is required for the following persons:
      • Citizens of any foreign country who are not permanent residents of the U.S.
      • Citizens or permanent residents of the U.S. who are affiliated with an institution or program in a “foreign country of concern” (China, Russia, Iran, North Korea, Cuba, Venezuela, Syria) or who have at least one year of prior employment or training in one of these countries.
    3. If an applicant meets these criteria in a research or research-related support position, you must immediately contact Robyn Blank (robyn.blank@fsu.edu or 850-644-5238) to ensure that screening is completed. The screening should be conducted before an offer is made. However, contingent offers are acceptable, utilizing the following language: “This offer is contingent upon the candidate meeting all qualifications and successful completion of all background checks, including any applicable screening required for foreign workers.”  
    4. Candidates for hire through the OPS, GA, or Faculty express processes are not exempt from screening.


For questions on Graduate Assistant Appointment dates or stipends, please contact Rebecca Peterson at rpeterson@fsu.edu or (850) 645-2202.

For questions on the FICA Exemption Policy, please contact Payroll Tax at CTL-Payroll-Tax@admin.fsu.edu or (850) 644-3813.

For questions on RAMP Export Control, please contact Diana Key at dkey@fsu.edu or (850) 644-8648.

For questions on State Screening requirements, please contact Robyn Blank at robyn.blank@fsu.edu or (850) 644-5238.

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