No Off-Cycle Paychecks for Period “Z”

Message to department representatives

This message has been approved by Christine Conley, Director of Benefits & Leave, for distribution to all Department Representatives.

Due to the fiscal year-end and forthcoming accelerated payroll processing, there will be no off-cycle paychecks for pay period ‘Z’ (ending 06/20/24). Please be diligent in reviewing your department’s preliminary Cost Center Reports to verify paycheck data.

Issues reported after the Final Cost Center will not be processed until the paycheck dated 7/12/24. If you find incorrect paycheck data on the first report, verify that the time entry is correct. Corrections made to time and leave entries before the Second Cost Center Report do not require a case but must be fully approved to generate payable time.

If the compensation rate is incorrect or an employee whose appointment documents met the deadline is not on the Cost Center, report the problem immediately in a myFSU Service Center case. The deadline for submitting myFSU Service Center cases is 10:30 am. (EST) on Monday, June 24, 2024. Cases submitted after 10:30 am on Monday will not be worked before the payroll calculation is completed, and the employee will be paid incorrectly.


Payroll Schedule ‘Z’ Overview:

Thursday, 06/20/24 – Time Entry Deadline

Friday, 06/21/24 – Approvals Deadline and First Cost Center Report in myFSU BI

Monday, 06/24/24 – Second Cost Center Report and 10:30 am Case Deadline

Tuesday, 06/25/24 – Final Cost Center Report


Questions? Please contact Attendance & Leave.

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