Salary Increase and Updated Compensation Structure


This message to all staff has been approved on behalf of FSU President Richard McCullough.

Dear Colleagues,
As a follow-up to my previous announcement, I am providing more details regarding my commitment to investing in our staff at Florida State. I am thrilled to implement one of the most significant salary increases for staff in recent memory. Additionally, we are also in the process of formulating salary adjustments aligned with a newly redesigned staff compensation structure. The following provides further detail on these initiatives.
Salary Increase
Effective September 2, 2022, the university will implement a 5% salary increase for all eligible staff employees hired on or before January 3, 2022, subject to the respective collective bargaining agreements. The increase is calculated from an employee’s base rate of pay as of June 30, 2022. A message from Human Resources to Deans, Directors and Department Heads will follow, outlining eligibility criteria.
Compensation Structure
In partnership with Segal Consulting, the Office of Human Resources has completed an in-depth Staff Compensation Study of the university’s compensation practices and a market assessment of current job titles and salary structure. As an outcome of their work, we will begin implementing an updated compensation structure for staff, which includes raising the university’s annual base pay for full-time, salaried employees to $31,320 ($15.00 per hour) effective September 16, 2022. 
The updated compensation structure will: 

  • Build upon the new minimum wage to address current and future compression that may result.  
  • Provide staff with a clearer understanding of how their career can progress at FSU.  
  • Provide the university with market-driven resources to guide staff compensation and pay decisions.
  • NOT reduce any individual’s current pay.  

Additional communications detailing the study, implementation plans, and individual employee impact will be disseminated over the coming months.  
Investing in our excellent staff is, and will remain, a top priority at the university. Thank you for all you do. 

Richard McCullough

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