Sick Leave Pool Open Enrollment Reminder


This message has been approved by Shelley Lopez, Program Director, Communications/Special Projects, for distribution to all Department Representatives.

Open enrollment for University Sick Leave Pool membership is currently in progress and ends February 25, 2022. To access Sick Leave Pool information, including the 2022 application, eligibility requirements, and related forms, please visit the HR Sick Leave Pool website. Applications must be submitted directly to Stephanie Saltos via email at no later than Friday, February 25, 2022.

Current Sick Leave Pool Members

Current Sick Leave Pool Members do not need to reapply. The following query in OMNI HR identifies employees in your department who are currently members:  FSU_TL_SICKPOOL_MEMBERS_5Z_DEP.

You can also identify current members by looking at the leave plans listed on an employee’s timesheet in OMNI HR.  The leave plan “Sick Pool” will be listed (with a zero balance) if the employee is a member. 

Questions?  Contact Stephanie Saltos at or (850) 644-9610.

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