Year-End Paycheck Information

Message to deans, directors, department heads, and department respresentatives

This message has been approved by Renisha Gibbs, Associate Vice President for Human Resources and Finance & Administration Chief of Staff, for distribution to all Deans, Directors, and Department Heads.

Due to the extended Winter Break, payrolls impacting December paychecks will be accelerated for the rest of the calendar year. To ensure employees are paid appropriately, departmental staff must thoroughly perform their administrative duties, including submitting timely personnel actions and reviewing all versions of their Cost Center Reports. If you wait until an employee notifies you that they did not receive their direct deposit, it may result in them waiting until the University reopens in January to receive payment.

There will be no off-cycle for pay period L, and the off-cycle for pay period M will be closed on Friday, December 15 at 12:00 p.m. Errors in payroll identified after noon on December 15 cannot be addressed until the University reopens on January 3, 2024. The department must comply with the accelerated processing timelines to ensure active employees receive their paychecks on December 15 and/or December 29.

Please carefully review the Accelerated Payroll Schedules and communicate the accelerated timelines to all employees and supervisors within your department. Additionally, every department should have a representative available during payroll processing periods.

Questions? Please contact Christine Conley at or (850) 644-1978.

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