Compensation Initiatives

Compensation and Classification is an ever-evolving section of Human Resources. We work tirelessly to ensure that our valued employees remain fairly and competitively compensated. Maintaining a competitive edge in the workforce, as well as similarly respected universities, is of the utmost importance in attracting and retaining the diverse and talented team that FSU is known for.

FSU Classification and Compensation Redesign Project

With the goal of providing consistency and clarity to our compensation structure, we have undertaken a large-scale initiative to redesign and refine our staff compensation and classification system. We are excited to announce that as of 2020, these efforts are being assisted by a nationally acclaimed consulting firm, in partnership with university leadership and many of our colleagues here at FSU.

Phase I – Data Collection & Interviews: Completed

Onsite focus groups were conducted to obtain a preliminary assessment of our current classification and compensation structure, policies, and practices.

  • Collect and Review Data - Completed
  • Stakeholder Interviews/Focus Groups - Completed

Phase II – Compensation Philosophy & Pay Administration Guidelines: Completed

  • Draft Total Rewards/Compensation Philosophy - Completed
  • Develop Pay Administration Guidelines – Completed

Phase III – Job Architecture & Job Evaluation Process: Completed

  • Assess Job Families - Completed
  • Update & Standardize Job Titles - Completed
  • Determine Classification Assignments - Completed

Phase IV – Market Competitiveness & Salary Structure Assessment: Completed

  • Identify Benchmark Jobs - Completed
  • Determine Appropriate Survey Sources for Comparison Markets - Completed
  • Obtain Data for Market Pricing - Completed
  • Perform Variance Analysis - Completed
  • Salary Structure Development - Completed
  • Conduct Employee & Cost Implications Analysis - Completed

Phase V – Communicate and Plan for University-Wide Implementation: In Progress

  • Address Final Results - Completed
  • Develop Implementation Plan - In Progress
  • Communicate Changes - In Progress