Leaders in Training Program (L.I.T.)

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Leaders in Training (L.I.T. Program) – (this program replaces the former Frontline Supervision certificate)

Leaders and supervisors play an integral role in the overall success of Florida State University by communicating organizational needs, providing guidance and support, identifying development needs, and managing relationships between staff and the organization.

This energy-packed, cohort-based experience, designed for staff & faculty, provides leadership development to employees over eight weeks of immersive and interactive training.  Training is delivered in a blended-learning format with engaging in-person and online asynchronous activities (schedule shown below). If you have the desire to improve your leadership skills and build relationships with other like-minded people across campus, then you’re encouraged to complete an application .

Why Participate in L.I.T.?

  • Gain a deeper understanding of the role and responsibilities of a leader/supervisor
  • Learn and apply critical policies and procedures that are specific to Florida State University
  • Develop a keen understanding of how the uniqueness of each employee impacts their work experience
  • Identify key questions to ask employees to facilitate proactive developmental engagement 
  • Learn how to communicate clear expectations of behavior and results
  • Provide clear, inspiring, legally defensible positive and constructive Feedback using the CAR (context, action, result) and CAR/AR (context, action, result, alternate action, alternate result) models
  • Understand how to avoid the most common team problems, such as gossip, blaming, and perceptions of favoritism




Week Topic  Date

 Two-Day Intensive Bootcamp (16 hours)

  • Leadership development training topics 
  • Complete summary to your manager
 May 9-10 (In-Person)

 Learning Transfer Activities (2+ hours)
Online Discussion Board and Video

 May 15-19

 Learning Transfer Activities (2+ hours)
Online Discussion Board and Video

 FSU Training Day: In-Person

  • Anti-Sexual Misconduct & Prevention Training for Supervisors 
  • ADA Understanding the Americans with Disabilities Act 
  • EEO: Equal Opportunity & Compliance 

 May 22-26  (one day will be selected for the in-person FSU-specific training)

 May 24th


 Learning Transfer Activities (2+ hours)
Online Discussion Board and Video

  FSU Training: Asynchronous (1 hour)

  • Fundamentals of Discipline & Collective Bargaining 
 May 29-June 2

  Learning Transfer Activities (2+ hours)
Online Discussion Board and Video

FSU Training: Asynchronous (1 hour)

  • Performance Management Training
 June 5-9

  Learning Transfer Activities (2+ hours)
Online Discussion Board and Video

 FSU Training: Asynchronous (1 hour)

  •  Family Medical Leave Act of 1993
 June 12-16
  7  Learning Transfer Activities (2+ hours)
Online Discussion Board and Video
 June 19-23

Employee Assistance Program (EAP) for Supervisors

Implementation Lab & Digital Badge Awarded (In-Person)

 Various thought-provoking exercises, including multiple break-out sessions, will allow participants   to share and brainstorm with their colleagues. In addition, just-in-time general training topics   created as a result of the week six survey will be provided.

 June 26 (In-Person)

* + sign used in the number of hours denoted additional time that the participant may choose for the application of knowledge in the workplace.


APPLICATION UPDATE: Thank you to all who applied to the program. We doubled the number of applicants for this engaging program for this second cohort. Please continue to watch this website, our Continuous Improvement & Training LinkedIn page, and the FSU announcement regarding the next program dates and application information. Please feel free to reach out in advance with any questions. The application process moves quickly so you will want to be ready when it opens.

  • Applicant
    • Statement of interest to actively participate and complete the program
    • Commitment to attend all training dates and complete asynchronous learning activities
    • List of concepts you would be interested in and the knowledge you wish to gain from the program
  • Manager
    • Statement of why the manager believes the applicant will benefit from and excel in the program
    • Commitment to support program attendance and completion of all activities
    • List of concepts they want the applicant to gain from training

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out.
Michelle Baragona, Director
Continuous Improvement & Training

Training Center