2022 USPS Performance Evaluations

Deans, Directors, Department Heads

This message has been approved by Renisha Gibbs, Associate Vice President for Human Resources and Finance & Administration Chief of Staff, for distribution to all Deans, Directors, and Department Heads.

The current USPS performance evaluation rating period will end on December 31, 2022. Supervisors will be responsible for evaluating their employees’ performance beginning January 3, 2023, for the 2022 rating period. The performance evaluation is a constructive tool for continued improvement and development and ensures that employees receive feedback on their performance for the rating period. It is essential that performance evaluations are completed in a timely manner. In preparation for the creation of the performance evaluation documents, please review the following deadlines:

  • Performance evaluations are not required for USPS employees who have been hired or promoted to an A&P position on or after May 1, 2022. Additionally, performance evaluations are not required for USPS employees who were hired or transferred to a new USPS position on or after May 1, 2022, and are in probationary status. These employees will not have evaluations available in OMNI HR.  
  • The deadline for all performance evaluation documents to be completed is March 1, 2023.
  • Supervisors and Department Representatives are encouraged to utilize the training resources provided by the Office of Human Resources.


Questions? Please reference Policy 4-OP-C-7-G1, or contact the Employee & Labor Relations section at (850) 644-6475.

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