Annual Federal/State Labor Law Compliance Poster Audit

Department Representatives

This message has been approved by Shelley Lopez, Program Director, Communications/Special Projects, for distribution to all Department Representatives.

Federal and state statutes and regulations require that notices of rights and privileges be provided to employees and/or posted in the workplace. To ensure institutional compliance, the Office of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) will conduct its annual Labor Law Compliance Poster Audit from September 19-30, 2022. During this time, some departments will be visited by an EDI representative for an onsite review. Please take the opportunity to review all compliance posters and locations to make sure they are up to date and compliant.  The current compliance posters are located on the Human Resources Website under the Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion section. They are available to download and print by selecting each listing and the corresponding attached file.


Key components of poster compliance:


Compliance posters should be in a conspicuous location that is accessible to all employees. Ideal locations are the building’s lobby or a central corridor; break rooms are acceptable as well. Multiple posting locations within a building are only needed if the site is not accessible to all employees within the building. Please coordinate with the other Department Representatives within your building to determine where each department has its compliance posters or if a central location is shared.


Posters must meet minimum size and font requirements. Shrinking the posters or font size compromises compliance. Many postings have strict color and/or layout requirements that cannot be altered. Cutting corners by shrinking postings or not printing in color can result in noncompliance.


The state of Florida requires that certain postings also be displayed in Spanish regardless of the languages spoken by your employees.

Questions? Please contact Aubrey Linn at or (850) 645-6519.

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