Veterans' Preference Department Resources

Since 1945, the Florida Legislature has made a provision to give preference in the hiring process to United States war Veterans in recognition of their military service. FSU is committed to honoring the preference given by Florida law to eligible U.S. Veterans, and the spouses and family members of Veterans, in appointment and retention in employment.

The Veterans Alliance arrowhead is the proud symbol of Florida State University's campus-wide commitment to become a national beacon of veteran support and success.

Hiring departments must comply with Veterans' Preference laws when filling University Support Personnel System (USPS) positions. Consider the Office of Human Resources, Employment & Recruitment Services your partner in the recruitment and selection process—we are available for questions, assistance, and training.

About Veterans' Preference

  • Veterans' Preference only applies to USPS positions.
  • The candidate must meet the minimum qualifications for the position; however, under Section 295.07 Florida Statutes, the state and its political subdivisions may waive a postsecondary educational requirement for a position of employment. 
  • FSU uses a non-points based system; therefore, if an applicant qualifies for Veterans' Preference and the position, preference must be given at every step in the selection process.
  • All USPS advertisements (OMNI and externally) must include the standard Veterans' Preference Statement. Refer to the OMNI job posting description for this language. 
  • When Employment & Recruitment Services screens an applicant pool, they will review the application and documentation submitted by the veteran(s) to ensure the criteria to qualify for Veterans' Preference has been met and that the candidate qualifies for the position. Some individuals may be eligible for an even higher level of preference under the law.
  • Your Recruiter will notify you of any applicants who meet the criteria for Veterans' Preference and indicate if a higher level of preference is applicable amongst the pool of Veteran candidates.
  • The department must interview all applicants who qualify for Veterans' Preference. Contact your Recruiter if you are having trouble reaching a candidate, as every reasonable attempt must be made, which may include a certified letter.
  • If candidates contact the department asking for a status update, respond to their inquiries in a timely manner and provide them with an update on the position.
  • Document the recruitment process and basis for hiring.
  • The final choice is based upon who the decision maker believes is the most qualified; however, if a preference-eligible candidate ranks equally with another candidate, the department must hire the Veteran, per the state law.
  • The hiring decision of a non-Veteran is reviewed by Employment & Recruitment Services.
  • Your Recruiter will send the department a list of contact information for the pool. The department has 14 days from date the offer was accepted to notify the candidates.
  • If an applicant submits a complaint about the selection process, the department should contact Human Resources immediately.

Tips to Remain in Compliance

  • All USPS job postings must include the Veterans' Preference statement.
  • All eligible Veterans' Preference candidates must be given preference at each stage of the hiring process.
  • The department must interview all applicants who qualify for Veterans' Preference.
  • If Veteran is equally ranked with another top candidate—choose the Veteran.
  • Provide candidates prompt status updates if they contact you.
  • Document the recruitment process and basis for hiring.
  • The hiring decision of a non-Veteran is subject to review by Human Resources.
  • If the Veterans' Preference candidate is not chosen, notify the Veteran of the decision within 14 days of the offer being accepted.



Contact your assigned Employment Recruiter.