V. Name Change Process

Name Change Process


Wages are attached to social security numbers, and the name on the paycheck must match the name on the social security card filed with the Social Security Administration (SSA).

If your name has been legally changed, please complete the Name Change Request Form. Per the instructions please Dropbox the completed form and a copy of your new Social Security Card to HR@fsu.edu.

To update your OMNI listed name to a new preferred name please complete the Preferred Name Request Form. This will not affect your legal name.

The University utilizes the Social Security Number Verification Service (SSNVS) which allows employers to match their record of employee names and Social Security numbers (SSNs) with Social Security records before paying an employee and also for preparing and submitting W-2 Forms. Ensuring names and SSNs on the W-2 match is important because unmatched records can result in additional processing costs and un-credited earnings. Un-credited earnings can affect future eligibility to (and amounts paid under) Social Security's retirement, disability, and survivors program.


  1. Obtain new Social Security Card and Complete the Name Change Request Form.
  2. Update I-9: Take your new original Social Security Card or Photo ID to your departmental representative to  update your Form I-9 with your new name. As a federal document, the I-9 must be up to date and accurate at all times. Upon completion your Dept Rep should complete their portion of the Name Change Form.
  3. F.S. 119: If you meet the conditions for exemption per Florida Statues Chapter 119 please complete and attach the Exemption per F.S. 119 Form.
  4. Dropbox a copy of the new signed social security card and the “Name Change Request” form below to The Office of Human Resources, HR Records at HR-Records@FSU.EDU.
  5. W-4 (If applicable): Update your W-4 information in OMNI via Employee Self Service.
  6. Benefits (If applicable): If your name is changing due to marriage or divorce, contact Human Resources – Benefits for any dependent eligibility, and coverage changes at 850-644-4015.
  7. FSU Card (If applicable): Once updated in OMNI, bring your old FSU Card and a Government-issued ID (Driver's License, Passport, etc.) with your new name and documentation of the legal name change (letter of change, marriage license, etc.) [in order to waive the replacement fee] to the FSU Card Center located in the Woodward Parking Garage by the FSU Bookstore.
  8. FSU Email: Personal Email aliases can be changed with an ITS case.
  9. Preferred Name (If applicable): A short or nickname that is different than your legal name can be used in reporting, phone listings, and other lookups generated from OMNI systems. To update a preferred name you must complete the Preferred Name Request Form.
    1. This change does not affect your legal name.
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