Voluntary Retirement Plans

Florida State University offers all eligible employees the opportunity to participate in voluntary retirement plans. These retirement plans offer salaried and OPS employees the opportunity to save pre-tax and post-tax money for retirement, up to the IRS limit for each plan type.

Participation is voluntary and deposits are made through payroll deduction. Employees may enroll and make changes to contributions at any time.

Retirement Plan Eligibility

  Executive Service Faculty A&P USPS OPS
Voluntary Retirement Plans X X X X X

IRS 2024 Contribution Limit

Age Contribution Limit
< 50 $23,000
50 > at any point in 2023 $30,500

Florida Deferred Compensation Plan (457)

All FSU employees are eligible to participate in the Florida Deferred Compensation Plan. Enrollment is completed through their website.

The Florida Deferred Compensation Plan is a great resource for FSU employees to increase their retirement savings with minimal effort on their part. Participants work directly with their chosen provider company to invest their funds, diversify their investment portfolio, and manage their accounts.

Participating Companies

Corebridge Insurance    Nationwide Insurance    Voya Insurance


Charles Schwab is also available for self-directed brokerage accounts. Enrollment through Nationwide is available upon request.
If an employee is coming to FSU from another state agency, they are encouraged to contact the Florida Deferred Compensation Plan to ensure their employing agency is transferred.

403(b) Savings Plans

All FSU employees can participate in a voluntary 403(b) Savings Plan, including a pre-tax 403(b) and/or a Roth 403(b).

A pre-tax 403(b) Savings Plan account allows participants to save money for retirement while reducing their income tax liability.

A Roth 403(b) account allows participants to pay taxes on contributions now but will receive qualified withdrawals (including earnings) tax-free at retirement.

Both 403(b) types are excellent options for employees when planning for retirement. The voluntary 403(b) plan is only available to FSU employees.

Contributions are payroll deducted on a pre-tax basis for pre-tax 403(b) participants and/or on a post-tax basis for Roth 403(b) participants and are forwarded to a participating investment company.

Participating Companies

 TIAA Insurance       


New or existing contributions can be started, stopped, or changed at any time in the Retirement@Work portal, which employees can access using their existing FSUID and password. Once logged in, the portal provides eligible participants a convenient place to set up new contributions and open an investment account with their chosen provider(s). In addition, returning users can update their existing contributions, change their investment providers, set up an automatic increase, and/or monitor their account balance.. Please reference the Retirement@Work Quick Start Guide for additional information.

Participants must elect and make any investment fund changes through their investment provider company’s website, which will be linked in the Retirement@Work portal.

If you would like to use your 403(b) or 457 accounts to tax shelter your leave payout, please use the Leave Payout 403(b) Deferral Authorization Form.

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