Retirement Planning Seminar

The annual retirement planning seminar for 2021 was held via live webinars presented by the Florida Retirement System. Below is a description of the webinars presented, select the video to view the presentation:

Understanding the FRS Investment Plan - This workshop provides information on all aspects of the FRS Investment Plan, including plan features, payment options, investment fund choices, and the tools available to help you with your investment selections.

Understanding Your Benefits Under the FRS Pension Plan - This workshop provides an explanation of benefits under the FRS Pension Plan, as well as useful information in preparation for retirement from the FRS Pension Plan.

Protecting Yourself and Your Loved Ones: Estate and Insurance Planning - This workshop is designed to assist you in understanding the importance of protecting yourself and your entire family.

Social Security and Your Retirement - This workshop will walk you through the basics on how to qualify for a benefit, how to obtain and understand benefit estimates and the rules for taxation of benefits. You will also receive guidance on deciding when to start collecting.


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